More On Kozol’s Partial Fast

I last wrote about Jonathan Kozol’s partial fast in protest of the ESED. Another blogger wrote this parody of his experiences… 

Jonathan Kozol’s Diary: Day 68
Slept well last night, rather better than the poor, inner-city children who will attend a rundown, decrepit school this morning with rats in the halls, raw sewage in the bathrooms, and poorly lit corridors that hide the corruption brought on by six years of the Bush Administration’s No Child Left Behind Act.

Got in the car and tuned in NPR, which had the latest news on the Congressional hearings on reauthorization of NCLB. The poisonous essence of this law lies in the mania of obsessive testing it has forced upon our nation’s schools and, in the case of underfunded, overcrowded inner-city schools, the miserable drill-and-kill curriculum of robotic “teaching to the test” it has imposed on teachers, the best of whom are fleeing from these schools because they know that this debased curriculum would never have been tolerated in the good suburban schools that they, themselves, attended.

I used that yesterday, but it’s still goooood. ☺

Stopped at Denny’s for the Lumberjack Slam®. Sent the third buttermilk pancake back for the demoralized teachers living in a state of siege, as well as the pressure to conform to teaching methods that drain every bit of joy out of the hours that their children spend with them in school.

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