The ESEA Circus Act

The U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor is holding hearings on the “Miller/McKeon Discussion Draft of ESEA Reauthorization.” Everyone has something to say about the law, so the hearings have morphed into a circus, including some of the most entertaining acts.

Announcer: “And so to your right, ladies and gentlemen, we have the epitome of flaming rhetoric, author¬†Jonathan Kozol who has gone for 67 days without eating!”

Kozol: “This morning, I am entering the 67th day of a partial fast that I began early in the summer as my personal act of protest at the vicious damage being done to inner-city children by the federal education law No Child Left Behind, a racially punitive piece of legislation that Congress will either renew, abolish, or, as thousands of teachers pray, radically revise in the weeks immediately ahead.”

September 10, The Huffington Post

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