Making Purple

I’m sick. I tried making it through the day at work, but the congestion and the sore throat and everything else prevented me from focusing and providing good service, so I came home to rest after about 4 hours trying. Now I need to write for my blog, and I don’t have the energy to develop a topic from beginning to end, so instead, I’ll do something I’ve been planning to do for a little bit: I’ll tell y’all about myself and my life a little more.

I work in computers, currently at a help desk for a major international corporation. It’s a good job for a good company. I’ve always had an aptitude for computers and their workings and find great enjoyment in assisting people without such an aptitude in dealing with their computer problems, so this is a good job for me.

I’m a Californian by birth, and live in the Chicago area now by choice. I do miss California, both the people and the place. But I know this is where I am to be right now, and there are many good people in my life out here (and Chicago is a beautiful city).

Christ is important in my life. As the only true Savior of the entire world, offering His payment in place of our punishment, I have accepted His forgiveness for my sins: past, present, and future. My life is His for the directing and molding.

And there’s a woman in my life…

I invest a lot in people: I’m extroverted, almost to a fault. And so imagine my joy when a beautiful young lady accepts my request to court her and now cares about me in much the same way that I care about her. It is an amazing feeling, as those who have been there before and are there now can attest. Someone who has friends and a life and goals and everything else, but still chooses to spend time with me and to share life with me as I am sharing life with her. It is an amazing thing.

So yea, I’m seriously twitterpated, and all is well.

Now if only this sinus infection would clear up…

14 thoughts on “Making Purple”

  1. Twitterpated? I’d wager your smoteness is slightly deeper than pure twitterpation. I’d almost wager it’s along the lines of … well… she says I can’t say. Anyway. It’s good to know you’re no longer blue, she’s no longer red, and well… you’re both gay. Oh wait. Purple isn’t a gay color. It’s a… Brainard color. I’m rambling.


    I like you two – I hope you feel better! Prayers! šŸ™‚

  2. Ummm, yea. Some people who read this blog may not quite understand that comment. I’m glad I do.

    For all you scumrakers and misanthropes who may read this, just keep in mind the following simple lingua-mathematical formula was involved in the previous comment: “gay” = “happy”

    Thanks for cheering my day Kerry.

  3. Hey Matthew,

    I can’t remember the last time I saw you sick. Hope you feel better soon. Also, I know for a fact you are planning to send me lots of nice pictures of your sweetheart. šŸ˜‰

    So! I finally read the comments on J’s post. *Giggles* I can’t stop laughing at it all. Those women remind me of my kitten when she’s trying to look fierce. šŸ˜€ Thanks though, for sticking up for us. These are the things I noticed in their comments 1. He’s white (well, that’s actually two: “He’s” and “white”) 3. He makes grammar and spelling mistakes 4. He quoted scripture. Can you remind me, what’s the definition of discrimination?

  4. “Iā€™m sick.”

    Me too. Gosh, I really hate being sick. And worst of all my wife isn’t here. Who is going to take care of me while I act like a baby.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong here Matthew but to ’empathize’ with John who is a married man would you not also have to be married? Maybe I’m splitting hairs but you are a man of your words. So either you are thinking of an occurrence with a girl, hopefully your girlfriend, or shall I say it… I shall… Your mother. Oh alas I’ve said it the unforgivable statement, but it is so plainly in my grasp I could not refrain. Yet knowing the nature of Matthew, at least of whom I knew, he would not do such things with girls as he is an upright man and would care for himself and not bathe in the caring affections of a woman only a wife would give; as I said he’s an upright man. Which still leaves me with the later. What a conundrum! Therefore, I am left with the hope that Matthew has indeed embraced the prior.

    PS: Just hav’n fun you know. šŸ™‚

  6. Weirdo

    I’ve always thought the difference between sympathize and empathize was one of experience. I’m capable of putting myself in others shoes and understanding their hurt whether or not I’ve actually experienced the full specifics of their situation, and I’ve called that empathy. Whereas sympathy always seemed to me to require a similarity of situation, such as you assume here.

    Looking up online I find empathy and sympathy to be direct and undefined synonyms, therefore putting the lie to my assumptions.

    So in the future I shall have to define myself a different word, perhaps a new word, to mean that I understand and feel similarly without exactly following your pain in its specifics.

  7. Yeah. One is of sympathy as in, “I feel sorry for you,” or “I’m sorry such a bad thing has happened.” While empathy is that of experience and you feel what the other person is going through because you’ve been there yourself. When someone tells me they are having an allergic reaction to peanuts I can associate because I am allergic also. That’s how I’ve always understood it. šŸ™‚

    I honestly don’t doubt you’re ability to feel the pain of others even though you’ve not been there, many people can do it, I’m just being an ass about words because people, including yourself and my wife, always do it to me…lol… Do hope you two get better soon.

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