“It is time in the West to defend not so much human rights as human obligations.”  ~Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Is it my obligation, as a human, and as a child of God, as a moral agent with obligations to the entirety of humanity and to a just and supreme Being who defines morality, to report and share the truth as I find it, regardless of the affect it may have on others or the response others may have to it?

When the truth is of secondary importance to the whim of political theory or personal self-actualization, a sad day indeed has come about.

Reading the New York Times article regarding the work of one Dr. J. Michael Bailey, chair of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University in my very own Chicago, I am struck by the idea that paragons of open-mindedness, political correctness, and all that drivel, are allowed to run amok over the work and reputation of a person who wrote what he found to be true and published what he wrote with little or no check or restraint.

I support the voicing of divergent views without fear of reprisal because 1) I recognize the human inability to recognize truth if it runs counter to my own beliefs and 2) I realize my own inability to judge and God’s promise to judge in the end the motives and truth of each our hearts and minds. That is open-mindedness, that is freedom.

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  1. I didn’t have to go far before I found the basic arguement they have with the man “politically damaging opinion,” Deirdre McCloskey
    “Michael, I have read your book, and I do not think it is science,” Is hilarious because it isn’t very scientific. Nor does it really mattter because not all truth is scientific.

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