U.S.-American? At Least She Got That Right!

Is this a product of our education system?

She knew where she wanted to go, but didn’t quite know how to get there. She just had to get South Africa in there somewhere… and, “…such as, um…,” capitalize on the unpopularity of Iraq (Does she really know why we’re there?). Maybe all the detours distracted her.

But she got one thing right; we’re all U.S.-Americans.

3 thoughts on “U.S.-American? At Least She Got That Right!”

  1. Yeah that was just so damn embarrassing, *shakes head*, so much for the effectiveness of our public school education system. “I’D LIKE MY MONEY BACK!”

  2. Ha Ha Ha! South Africa, dude! I mean for some people (South Africans) the education of South Africans is very important. Maybe we can import some of their educators to teach us to read maps.

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