BREAKING: Obama Claims Godhood

Presidential candidate Barak Obama startled some and confirmed the hopes and dreams of others when he claimed recently to be the lesser known fourth member of the Triune God-head.

In a statement commemorating the second anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina, Barak claimed what could only be God-like powers in his bold words “Never again.”

It is unclear whether he meant that never again would a Hurricane strike New Orleans or that never again would the Federal Government be so laxidaisical in its sending of enormous amounts of money wherever someone experienced the slightest difficulty. Either task is more than the average sub-deity-level human or any number of the same.

Government does not know efficiency. I’m sure Mr. Obama would create a whole new bureaucracy dedicated just to sending money to New Orleans, that would fix the problem.

My one question for god Barak is: what about Biloxi, MS?

8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Obama Claims Godhood”

  1. Isn’t it fun to watch candidates declare how they will save the world? I’m surprised that some don’t just go with the classic and noble, yet entirely impossible beauty pageant wish: “World peace!”

  2. Well if he’s not able to part the waters of Katrina he’s obviously not the man for us because honestly what would we ever do if the “President” didn’t feed us, cloth us, house us and tell us everything is going to be okay? What a damn joke! There’s just something about socialism that produces incredible amounts of rage in me. The arrogance of socialism is so in your face people have to be masses of asses to tolerate it. The fact that the government helps us in hard times of need is NOT good because your neighbors, family, friends (includes church) should be taking care of you and vise versa.

    Why don’t the International Socialist Party (aka Democratic Party) just come and claim to be the “Augustus” of their time and demand Emperorship because honestly these votes every two, four and six years just waste a lot of time and tax payer money. They could probably save billions of dollars over the course of these years if we just didn’t vote; help reduce the deficit. *thumbs up* .


  3. Be careful, they’re not the “Democratic” party, they’re the Democrat party. There’s a difference.

    Any party which actively believes and participates in the Democratic process is a “democratic” party, while the term “democrat” is a statement of intent, not action.

    The Democrat party is not democratic in action at the national level at least.

  4. Well that’s kinda what I was meaning there. For all practical purposes the Democratic Party is what it is today even if the people don’t represent the name. So while I grant your point Matt, you can see my point also with the cynical use of the word and reference of “aka”.

    The true Democratic Party is dead, and any remanent of it would be found in the Republican Party if you ask me which concerns me because as time goes on the Republicans are more like yester year’s Dems and the Dems are more like yester year’s Communists, Socialist and Fascists.

    You know me Matt, I’m cynical of both parties… 🙂

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