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Just got back from an enchanted week, more on that later, perhaps. But the Akismet queue had 304 comments marked as spam. I did not feel inclined to go through each page of comments to check for any mis-marked. If you commented, and you comment has not shown by now, please resubmit the comment and I’ll be happy to dredge it out of the Akismet filters if it gets caught there again.

5 thoughts on “If You Commented”

  1. Hey dude, just saying, “HI”. Figured this would be a fine spot for that since your back. Haven’t posted anything for a long time now. Been busy with life and my wife’s acquired business; just say’n I’m still alive. : ) .

    Glad to see the site shaping up more so. Looks good. Well maybe I’ll post something here soon. I’m going back to school to finished up some transfer required GE and one of them is English Crit. Thinking. Heavens knows I’ll get some burnt out old feminist journalist for my teacher and I’ll have plenty to write about then. lol. : ) .


  2. Welcome back J, it has indeed been a while. Can’t wait to here what kind of vitriol those old lib-arts biddies will stir up in your heart soon. 🙂

  3. Wow, it's been a while since the fun days of JC, and I used to think those classes would be hard. I do miss the school atmosphere: so many people, so little intelligence, so much drivel.

    Have fun there, spend all your dead brain time solving the worlds problems.

  4. LOL, seriously dude. I have three GE classes. Western Humanities Part 1, Jazz History and English Critical thinking. I swear the Jr. college must get these teachers a dime a dozen because my humanities teacher seemed very ill prepared, my Jazz history teacher looked like he came right from the mid-west in 1850 with a long! beard and a slender build. My English teacher I swear is a mix between Julia and young goth on weed. Black hair, cloths and nails, slender, easily distracted by her own thoughts and sways with head and arms. Its a circus honestly and the homework and tests are quite the side show. Now I know why I took 20 units a semester the last time I was at Jr. college.

    What I find interesting also are the students. They must’ve just came from the womb of high school. There’s the few adults but the rest are the kids who are fishing for a class to add and counting the clock to go and hang out with friends late into the night; and my Eng. teacher was thinking the same thing!

  5. Oh geez! So much drive to drink, smoke and have uninhibited sex… :P!

    I swear I feel like a C2D and 8800GTX running DOOM. :S

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