Who Do I Read?

This is an abbreviated static blogroll listing the many blogs I read each day now. I use the Google Reader to do my viewing and skim over 100 (possibly 200) articles each day (I love my job) and read the full contents of probably 20-30 articles throughout each day. It’s a replacement for talk radio to me as I work a help desk job, but it’s different because I can comment and post and follow threads through multiple blogs to find wildly divergent views.

First there are the “Friend” blogs, these aren’t actually people I know personally, but they are personal bloggers, not the big blogs which can become victims of their own success in the impersonal crowds of commentators. Sorted alphabetically, mostly.

The other few blogs are the large ones I read. These together publish as many articles as all the others combined in any given day.

14 thoughts on “Who Do I Read?”

  1. Great list! One thing I like about my domain and blog name is that I usually end up at the top of the list :-).

    Google Reader has improved my life significantly! I would quit reading blogs if I didn’t have something like it. I couldn’t go back to the old way.

  2. First- I admire that you are able to read that much in one day! That is amazing. My reader just keeps piling up… if only their were more time in one day!!

    Second. Thanks for reading my china blog and linking to it (not china made!) I love many of those blogs you read very much! Next Stop is my dad…

    The subtitle of this blog is also excellent.

  3. Wow, thanks Pandora. That’s such a great list, with some I probably don’t know but need to click on.

    It is always such an honor being linked. Hope your weekend is fantastic!

  4. Thank you all for the kindness. I did not know Next Stop was your dad, Zabs. All in the family I guess.

    And Tammi, yes my weekend was fantastic. I’m going to likely be blogging about it shortly…

  5. Hey Matthew,
    Thanks so much for the plug. I too am amazed at all the reading you manage to do. I wish I could just keep up with my blogroll, I know I’m missing some gems not to mention the new blogs that I haven’t even gotten to.

    Many of your favorites are favorites of mine as well. There is a whole lot of good stuff out there, if you look for it.

    Thanks again,

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