Who Reads I, Pandora, And How Do They Get Here?

Who reads I, Pandora? With the wonders of modern technology I can see each visitor to my site, their approximate location (this will be affected by anonymizing proxy services) around the world, which sites they’ve come from and what pages they read, how long they were there. And if you’re a member of the site or on other sites this service monitors I see your screen name.Call it big brother, call it information leverage, it is nice to be able to see what is popular, what search queries reach my site, and just how most of y’all find I, Pandora.

In the days following the bridge collapse tragedy in Minnesota there was a steady flow of international visitors to my site, though the article was little than my brief and heartfelt sympathies towards those affected and those who lost and links to the major news coverage. The international visitors were primarily inbound from google searches where I, Pandora featured prominently in the results. The visitors came from Latvia, the Dominican Republic, Belgium, Hungary, and South Africa. These are not regulars, and they probably left soon after coming through the news links I provided.

No, the real readers of I, Pandora are my friends, the bloggers. Of all the feeds in Google, I do enjoy reading some of these most of all.

  • There’s Grit, the yankee half of the dynamic duo at Conversations With Brit & Grit. His humor and the cross the pond banter make his site a real jewel and a pleasure to read.
  • There’s Neil from 4Simpsons, which name, I assume, refers to his family. He has a sharp mind and a sharp wit and beats them regularly against all comers.
  • There’s Barb, from Barb’s Blog, a small and cozy place where you are as likely to read about her latest photography trip as about the latest in political opinion.
  • There’s J Ingersoll, a friend I met many years ago at a music class. There were four of us, including the teacher, in that class and we had good times (I didn’t pass). J writes sporadically as PrinceParavel, yes, that would have to refer to Lewis’ Narnia.
  • There’s our friend Random (whose name is only a little less conspicuous than anonymous) who I first found (or maybe it was that he first found me) when he comment spammed on I, Pandora, advertising for his own blogs (which are several and bare of original content). Random copies articles that suit his fancy at freestate.tv, faction3.us, and congresscheck.com, that I am aware of.
  • There’s John Kaiser, from totaltransformation and the new JJKaiser blog. I must admit I’ve not read his sites often, but when I do I appreciate his breadth of topic and the humor with which he approaches the topics.
  • A brief visit from the Mercurial Scribe, after I found we were born the same month in the same year.
  • Steve, from NextStopLauderdale, which I assume means he’s one of my Floridian readers, or that he wishes he were one. His brief shots on primarily political issues are always easy to read and fun to comment on.
  • A late shot from blogger UrbanConservative (last post as of this writing was last November. His articles have promise and he has corrected me regarding the content schedule of his blog. He posts twice monthly and the top post is “sticky” meaning it “sticks” to the top of the page and you have to scroll past it to get to the regular content.

This is by no means an exhaustive listing either. I’ll post tomorrow on my current blogroll. But this is for all y’all out there who make me want to keep writing here.

Here’s to you.

11 thoughts on “Who Reads I, Pandora, And How Do They Get Here?”

  1. Hi Matthew,

    First, let me say that we, and I suspect I can speak for the Brit in this instance, are most honored to be on anyone’s reading list, and even more so in your case. Second, if you will allow me a tiny rant, I would love to scan through my reading list as you describe in a later post. Unfortunately, my local Government granted monopoly cable service has put my neighborhood last on the list to get cable-modem service because we have the lowest population density in their chiefdom, which, one would think, should have the ACLU crawling all over their asses, but, since this tiny pocket of open country that is still fending off the urban sprawl of Memphis is rather conservative in its voting patterns, they have yet to offer to stand up against this population density discrimination in the courts. Thus, still suffering along with dial-up speeds, I’m lucky to visit 20 of our friends in a day.

    A good day, I might add, when I don’t have to spend hours in the tractor, but can hover in front of the computer monitor waiting for things to load. I’ve thought about shelling out for a satellite Internet service and a lap top that I could use while bouncing across the fields, but even I’m not that crazy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So, in summary, sorry for taking up your bandwidth with a rant, love your blog, basking in the complement enough to print it out and show it to my wife.

    As to who comes and goes, we get that as well. One of us, and it’s been long enough that I can’t remember which, posted a bit on Naomi Lay that still gets one or two hits a day after several months from all over the world. If you want to see some totally unusual traffic, post something about how strange India is or who might be the antiChrist ๐Ÿ™‚


    the Grit

  2. Hi – thanks for the link and comments! I just added you to my blogroll, btw. I use my Google Reader so much that I sometimes forget about the blogroll.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Thank you for the mention. Part time? lol.

    The post at the top of my page is “sticky”…meaning it’s always on the top even when I post new entries. I try an post twice per month. Scroll down and you will see.

    Great blog by the way.

    – Ucon

  4. “Thereโ€™s John Kaiser, from totaltransformation and the new JJKaiser blog. I must admit Iโ€™ve not read his sites often, but when I do I appreciate his breadth of topic and the humor with which he approaches the topics.”

    I guess I can forgive your recalcitrance this time. Don’t let it happen again. Visit often! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I was spamming ron paul 4 president when I first found your site due to your article regarding ‘political spam’. And yes, I copy articles under the fair use act which I find relevant to what I believe. Go on, cast some more stones.

    Did you ever research the things I asked you to research?

    Since apparently it’s bad to be anonymous with my views, I have attached my first name and real email address. Happy now?

  6. And there you have it: Ron Paul gets his support from spammers and scammers ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously though, I don’t have to be happy with you to allow you to post on the site, as long as you don’t cause true offense (an admittedly relative standard, but one which I will only exercise in cases of extreme need) I won’t block you or otherwise prevent your commenting on the site.

    I still think you should and encourage you to write some original content on your sites, considering your obvious familiarity with and comfort using the English language.

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