I’m Bored, And Next Week At I, Pandora


…and I respond: “Why is it our purpose to entertain you and your puerile mind? Get a job, accomplish something besides your own pleasure, give of yourself sacrificially, live!”

Next week I’m going to be spending with a beautiful girl, meeting her family and friends and spending lots and lots of time with her. Yes, I’m courting. Beautiful and I have not seen each other for around 8 weeks now as she’s spent the summer working with Child Evangelism Fellowship in the New York area, and so we’re very much looking forward to this reunion.

As such I, Pandora will not be a priority to me next week. The good news is, I’ve already written articles for all of next week, which, thanks to WordPress are scheduled for posting each day. The articles are less time sensitive and some have more human interest than my more regular verbiage here, but you needn’t stop reading just because I’m not going to be here.

6 thoughts on “I’m Bored, And Next Week At I, Pandora”

  1. WC, we had a doozy of a time deciding what to call each other, my girl and I. “Courtship partner” just didn’t really roll off the tongue very well, and it would usually bring with it an extreme amount of explanation each time it was used. So we call each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” but we like to call what we’re involved in Courting. It’s like dating, with the commitment.

  2. I am a friend of your brother Ryan. I worked with him at EFF this past summer. Lord bless in all your adventures. Live life to the fullest for Christ–He is not worthy of any less!

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