Oh, Poor Baby

Or “Want Some Cheese To Go With That Whine?”

Nifong is news again. He’s resigned after the prejudicial and destructive way he wielded the power of the law defaming and slandering the names of members of the Duke University LaCrosse team. A judge was about to begin an investigation into removing him from office when he voluntarily vacated his chair. His disbarment trial is over now, with predictable results. He is no longer allowed to practice law. And he’s complaining:

“Mr. Williamson’s e-mail assertion that the addition of a new conclusion of law based on the request of a Duke University law professor is merely a ‘clerical correction’ is preposterous beyond belief, and is further evidence of the fundamental unfairness with which this entire procedure has been conducted,” Nifong wrote.

His own lawyers, during his disbarment hearings, said that Nifong “believes this has been a fair and full hearing of the facts, that he believes disbarment is the appropriate punishment in this case.”

Has this man no shame? No, of course not. He does not believe in truth or justice, only in perception, power, and privilege. All morals come down to that trinity to a relativist.

I ask this of Nifong, though I know that he will not see any significance in it: What about those lives you sought to destroy? Where are there complaints? They are still tainted, their buddies will still ask them, furtively, “did you do it?” Employers know them now and will likely be reticent to hire them regardless of their stated innocence. What about your victims?

Perhaps it is good that the men have disappeared, going back to and salvaging what they can of their lives after this malicious attempt on their lives. From my armchair I’d like to see lawsuits for libel, slander, and defamation against Mr. Nifong. But perhaps they are right. Mercy prevails. They are men.

Mr. Nifong is a coward, not a man.

Shut up, Mr. Nifong.

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