“I’m OK With You Not Voting.”

I saw a statement from John Stossel, 20/20 reporter, this morning and it got me thinking.

“[S]tudents often ask what can be done about the ‘problem’ of young people who don’t care enough to vote. I always say that I don’t see it as much of problem ‘because most of you don’t know anything yet. I’m OK with you not voting!’ The students laugh, but I’m not joking.

I agree. Often, voters make decisions without considering their options or looking at the secondary effects of political policies. Take, for example, Social Security.

I was talking with a friend the other day about the relative benefits of a 401(k) versus Social Security.

We were discussing our God-given responsibilities to care for our families and, if given a choice (we don’t have one right now, but hypothetically.) how this responsibility would affect our decision whether to put all our eggs into Social Security or into a 401(k).

At my friend’s current salary, we calculated that he will put $300,000 into Social Security (including the employer portion) over the next 40 years.

Then we calculated the “return” on his investment.

Social Secuirty: If Social Security pays my friend $25,000 a year, he must live 12 years beyond “retirement” to recoup his investment into Social Security. Unfortunately, at this rate, it is not likely he will recoup his investment because his life expectancy is only 75.15 years (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/us.html).

Although his wife will receive a small stipend, his children will get nothing from his investment. Further, $25,000 is close to or below the current federal poverty level. In 40 years, it will be even more so. In fact, it will probably be unlivable.

To be technical, some of these figures are variables. As Social Security becomes more unsustainable, benefits will be cut by increasing the “retirement” age. Also, the average life expectancy will probably be a few years higher in 40 years because of advances in nutrition and medical technology.

401(k)’s: Now for the alternative: If my friend puts the $300,000 into a 401(k) over 40 years until the age of 65, he will have $3,452,839.

Further, if he dies at 75, his wife will have plenty live off of and he will be able to pass the remainder on to his children (more Biblical mandates).


To finish up, here’s the remainder of Stossel’s quote:

… I only started to think I knew what ought to be done after years of reporting and reading voraciously to absorb arguments from left and right. The idea that most voters vote without having done much of that work is, frankly, scary.”

Scary indeed. We live with the repercussions every day.

12 thoughts on ““I’m OK With You Not Voting.””

  1. Too bad at current economic growth rates your 3,452,839$ will have the buying power of about 50,000$ in 40 years.

    Here’s another thought. Why do we need a social safety net at all? It sounds like communist russia, sounds like china, doesnt sound much at all like america. I think we’ve grown more socialist in the past 100 years or so than most would like to admit.

    Isn’t that something that an employer should provide as an incentive? Sounds like free market to me.

  2. After actually reading the article. I’m convinced that this man does not live in any reality that I’m familiar with.

    All the founding fathers who wrote our declaration of independence, bill of rights, were all roughly 20-30 years of age. By his account, they “wouldn’t know what they’re talking about” (and don’t give me that life expectancy BS, the only reason or life expectancy is larger now than it was 200 years ago is due to the reduction in the mortality rate of infants.)

    18-30 year old people, can still be just as informed today as they were then. I would blame the large majority of ignorance within that specific segment of population on our SOCIALIZED education system. It’s kind of sad that the homeless person down the street makes more money as a bum than our teachers. Now that the generation of ‘excess’ are becoming our teachers and leaders. (who if you would like to generalize, still dont know much of anything) Things will only get progressively worse.

    Not to mention this guy is obviously a globalist let’s see what a constitutionalist would have to say about his arugements. It’s our socialist environment that draws people into our country illegal. If someone can come here, have a baby (have it paid for by citizens), they and their entire family instantly get legalized and citizenship status…. well theres something wrong with that picture. We reward people for BREAKING our immigration laws. What is that? We have over 3 million people ILLEGALLY entering this country EVERY YEAR. Now, I’m not against immigration, people can come here, get a green card, and work till their heart is content. What I’m against is rewarding CRIMINALS.

    Apparently because I want people to follow laws, I have an “Anti-foreign bias”. Meanwhile china continues to make poisoned goods using SLAVE LABOUR (how is that free market?) that contain every chemical under the sun which do not meet any sort of quality standards.

    And ontop of that, what happened to our export base in the US? What do we export?

    In our current situation we get ALL of our goods from overseas, you cant go to the store and find anything that was MADE (not packaged) in america. Please sit down and think about what happens when you import everything and export nothing. Where does the money flow? Currently we just keep printing it like it’s going out of style. A lot of people seem to have this idea that we can print as much money as we want without any consequences. And now that the M3 money aggregate number is SECRET, I as a citizen of this once great country have NO IDEA how much my currency is really worth.

    Sounds like communist russia, sounds like china, sounds like north korea, nope its the once great United States.

    I bet this John Stossel guy also wants a north american union as well. Oh wait, I forgot, that doesn’t exist is a “conspiracy theory”.

    Get real. Wake up.

  3. Have you read any of Stossel’s books?
    Stossel is a libertarian of libertarians. Small government, big on personal freedom. His books are well written and his articles are well researched. I do not agree with all of his conclusions, but I’ve not been able to find better ones in many cases.

    BTW Random. Your blog does not have a single original article of your own there, why don’t you start expending the effort you obviously put to work commenting on my site to writing some original articles for your own? I’d certainly read them, even if only to get my hackles up or for my daily dose of high blood pressure.

  4. I think it was the unaware but young vote that got Clinton in office the first time.
    “Rock the Vote” and his appearences on Arsenio with his Sax and other such things, had a very large impact on young but not very informed voters.

  5. People who find my site are already well aware of the problems we face today. I’ve been trying to reach out to those who know is a problem, but cant quite put their finger on what that problem is. You say, I raise your blood pressure. I wonder what your blood pressure would be if you really understood how dire the circumstances we face are. You think you’re informed, in comparison to a large portion of the population, you are. What I want you to do is to research for yourself instead of reading about what someone else believes. Research the facts, get answers, draw your own conclusions.

    I don’t write articles myself because, honestly, people don’t care. In order to get people to look, I have to invade their little corner of the internet, or invade their home and slap them in the face with some facts. Then after invading their mind, hope they take it upon themselves to become informed citizens by researching what I say for themselves. I want people to do more than to read a book or watch the nightly news. I want people to dig deep. Read memoirs, take statements and fact check them. Find out that David Rockefeller in his memoirs said that he says he is proud of his work towards creating a one world government. Find out about Nick Rockefeller who said that they engineered the womens liberation movement within america to get the mother out of the house so that they children in up in our newly socialized school all day long. Find these things out for yourself.

    I’m good at getting people to react. It’s one of my few skills in life that people might consider me somewhat a pro at. Reaction is not necessarily always a good thing. What I do hope to gain out of my stay at blogs such as this one, is planting a seed. In the hopes that this seed will later sprout into something worthwhile when the conditions are right.

    When I was growing up, I never really involved myself into social cliques. I was friends with everyone, the ‘preppy’ clique, the ‘jock’ clique (i played football, baseball, my favorite is skiing though), I was even friends with the christian clique in school. Being outside of the system, it gave me somewhat of a different perspective on a ‘normal’ persons thought process, as well as society as a whole. One very important thing I’ve learned from this is is rationale. When people are given information, they can only compute that information within the parameters of the knowledge already contained within their brains. This means, if someone is given input lets say on, terrorism, any conclusion they draw using this input is processed using their past history as well as any other knowledge contained in their brain.

    So if I were to say, “The US Government funds terrorism”. All the information which you’ve ever read, heard, seen, is used to process that statement and dissect it. You then use this rationale to determine what you think about this statement. This is most commonly referred to as “Thought Process”. This is why people, when debating do not say “I understand” or “I don’t understand.” They say “I agree” or “I disagree”. Because they arent trying to understand, they’re trying to put fourth the information already contained within their brains. And using this to judge a statement or question as oppose to thinking outside of the box or using free thought to look at a problem from all angles.

    This is why, when experts say “Our foreign policy is to blame for 9/11”. Average joe often laughs, or find it absurd. People after stating this, usually go into how we overthrew democratically elected governments all over the middle east and installed our puppet dictators such as the shah of iran. (Such as Ron Paul does). Average Joe then says that the government would never blow up mosques or kill innocent people to blame it on a democratically elected leader as to start a populous revolt. This is america! We don’t do those things.. right?

    Because of this, when average joe asks himself the question “Why do they hate us?” he would much rather tell himself “It’s because they hate our freedom” than to actually go and research the subject for himself. He’s using a preconceived populous viewpoint which was spread all over mainstream tv and the media. “Those crazy arabs, they’re insane, they go and blow themselves up. And the idiots think they’ll get 99 virgins.”

    This is a very basic sample, however, I feel that if you were to examine some of your statements, do a little research for yourself, you would find a little bit of average joe in you. This is why I do what I do instead of writing my own articles. Without my reactionary rants and raves, there are many questions which you would have never asked yourself about. And hopefully, just hopefully, maybe not now, maybe not in a year, but sometime in the future what I have input in your brain will spark and things will finally become clearer for you.

    This will be my last post, I feel my work here is done, I’ve got another social clique to save.

    This is why I would much rather be called an individualist, than to be grouped with any party labels. But if you are going to give me a social label, please label me a constitutionalist. I believe in the individual, I believe all people are genuinely good if they learn to stop agreeing and start learning to understand. Get away from preconceived notions and viewpoints and learn to formulate your own opinions.

    Also, I work about 18 hours a day and don’t really have time to write my own articles. I don’t even really have time to post this comment… When I start ranting I cant stop…

    Adios Senor.

  6. Random,

    I agree with your point that inflation will decrease the purchasing power of any 401(k) in a future. I thought about including it, but forgot when I published it. Thanks for your note.

    You caught another problem with Stossel’s peice, i.e., some of the people he iconocizes (the founding fathers) were younger than he. Numbers were older, though, too.

    Your statement about life expectancy is wrong, particularly regarding women.

    Thanks for your comments.

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