Firefighters Harassed During Pride Parade

Why do we never hear about things like this?

A crew of four firefighters were ordered to drive their fire engine in the Pride Parade parade in San Diego last month. The crew was threatened with disciplinary action such as suspension, etc, despite the fact that other engine crews had volunteered to participate in the parade. During the parade, the crew was subjected to “vile sexual taunts from homosexuals lining the parade route.” They felt sexually harassed and intimidated by both the parade participants and co-workers who called during the parade and made derogatory comments.

The firefighters are filing a lawsuit saying they were harassed and subjected to a hostile work environment.

San Diego’s openly lesbian fire chief said Tuesday she has apologized to four firefighters, but the fire crew said they “didn’t perceive anything to be an apology.”

The chief says they are “launching an internal investigation.”

In the meantime, the firefighters are asking leave to file a lawsuit for the shame and embarrassment they suffered.

  • Their personal stories are HERE (Caution: explicit content.).
  • A news article is HERE.

An intriguing read, but very sad.

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  1. Why don’t you ever hear about rudy giuliani who raised 100M$ for the victim’s families of 9/11 and then wanted to pay his friends 50M$ over 20 years to manage the money for the victims family’s?

    The families had to take him to court to get the money.

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