Today’s Interesting Stuff: August 8th, 2007

There were several items which caught my attention today, none which really settled and led anywhere deeper than a quick thought or two. Maybe this crop will be more relevatory about myself than anything else in particular. So here goes:

First up is Hugh Hewitt.  Labeled with distinction as the “Most Famous Conservative Journalist Whom Liberals Have Never Heard Of” by Nicholas Lemann of The New Yorker magazine, he is my favorite talk show host and it is a pity and a travesty that the local conservative talk station holds him until after his live show, beginning play well after I’m am situated near any radio. Instead there’s Michael Savage, who I don’t care for on a regular basis; Hugh is much more reasoned and articulate and his arguments exist with positive force for creating good change rather than with negative energy, exacting verbal and mental retribution such as Savage’s savagery. Hugh Hewitt’s work is by no means limited to radio, he is one of the fathers of the conservative blogosphere as well. He has been instrumental in developing conservative communication and technology nexuses such as and the Victory Caucus.

Hugh was interviewed by Mr. Lemann for the New Yorker in a biographic article which pinpoints some of my favorite parts of his eclectic purview. This article is a close and personal look at a man and a vision, a plethora of visions, which are shaping our conservative voice today.

Hewitt stands for something more than just hyperactivity. Conservatives love to complain about journalism. Lately, they have been not only complaining more full-throatedly but also devising, with more energy than before, their own version of what journalism ought to look like: faster, more opinionated, more multimedia, and less hung up on distancing itself from the practice of politics than the daily-newspaper and network-news versions. Hewitt is at the center of this effort. If there is any battle to be waged next month over the confirmation of John Roberts, an old friend of Hewitt’s, as a Supreme Court Justice, the conservative press (and Hewitt in particular) will be an enthusiastic participant. The idea is that it will make for a good test run of conservative journalism’s enhanced capabilities, which would then be redeployed frequently. Hewitt’s world is journalism’s alternate universe.

Read the whole thing (may require logging in, free access).

Next is a series of articles written by Alan Keyes, the Statesman. Here is an American with few equals indeed. Perpetually misunderstood and underestimated, it is a shame he has not found his way into the halls of congress or higher despite his many tries.

Keyes writes on the Crisis Of The Republic, his view of the importance of the 2008 elections, the issues involved, and the potential fallout. He addresses, through these extensive but accessible articles the range of issues from cultural to fiscal to spiritual to global. In short, a holistic view of the conservative viewpoint which is battling for its very life against the foes of ignorance, fear, and evil.:

I hope that by the end of this effort, those like myself who deeply cherish the hope for humanity America is supposed to represent will be moved to view the 2008 election with the same sense of urgent foreboding that I do. I hope they will realize that the American people must create and seize the opportunity to break free from the grip of the ambitious, self-serving elites who have been manipulating them toward destruction.

If you think the necessity of this election is mere hyperbole, you’ve got another think coming.

And finally, Tony Blair has this beautiful speech explaining what he sees is wrong with the media-political confabulation:

The purpose of the series of speeches I have given over the past year has been deliberately reflective: to get beyond the immediate headlines on issues of the day and contemplate in a broader perspective, the effect of a changing world on the issues of the future.

This speech on the challenge of the changing nature of communication on politics and the media is from the same perspective. I need to say some preliminaries at the outset. This is not my response to the latest whacking from bits of the media.

It’s long, but very worthwhile and honest. 

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