When They Stop Pretending

Democrats are pretenders: They pretend to care about law while applying it only to their adversaries. They pretend to care about rules while breaking them for their own ends. They pretend to listen to Christians while pledging to allow more murder of the innocent. They pretend to care about our soldiers while denying them money for equipment they need to finish their job.

Sometimes, though, they stop pretending.

It was high drama at Capital Hill last night. National Review Online catalogs the Democrat management of a vote which would have furthered the case for denying any agriculture subsidies from going to illegal immigrants. The gavel came down and the measure passed, but then Democrats were allowed to continue entering votes after the gavel had ended the voting. When the votes were all counted, the amendment to the measure was voted down, courtesy of the late-voting democrats. Congressman Eric Cantor called it an “Outrage on the House floor.”

6 thoughts on “When They Stop Pretending”

  1. Sounds like “re-counts” are SOP’s for Dem’s.

    In Washington state, they recounted and recounted until they could put in enough ineligible votes in to win.

    Here they “recounted” the vote until they got enough ineligible votes to win.

  2. How clueless can they be? If they just pretended a little better for a year or so they could have swept the 2008 elections. There is still hope for us!

  3. I agree with you Neil. I’m glad that they’ve been given a chance to show their true colors for this period of time without having carte-blanche on their whim. I’m only afraid because I’m not seeing a really strong contender on the Republican side yet. There’s still plenty of time, but everybody seems to be falling for the undeclared or the nearly third party (Thompson and Paul, respectively), and I’m still not completely sure about my ability to support a relatively strong candidate in the form of Romney. We’ll see, and we will do our best for whomever is nominated, but the Republicans are pushing the limits of voter patience as well.

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