Terrible Times

The Death of Sanity occurred many years ago. We’re only just realizing how bad it can be. The elppA giB will need to fight this stupidity with small words of precise meaning to reach the hazy brains of it’s primarily somethin’ rich smokin’ sycophants.

Meanwhile, down in Hollyweird, the parade of stupid kids who have stupid parents continues.

The good news is most hot air has a good chance of being just that, Hot Air. And if hot air is good for the islands, maybe it’s not so bad for the rest of us. But people keep screaming that all that hot air is going to be stirring things up over the oceans and drenching all of us with huge and frequent hurricanes. Just how long is our collective memory anyways? 30 seconds?

Coming soon to a Persistent Vegetative Person near you… (and no, that won’t work on your grown son or husband) Yes, we really didn’t have to kill that poor woman. But, speaking of vegetables, have you heard of Vegansexuals? And no, just no… Apparently though, some people have higher aspirations than coupling with a human vegetable.

Moving the battlelines a bit. The war in Iraq is going swimmingly, as wars go. And now we’ve got traditionally liberal pundits saying this whole surge thing just may be working. Some people immediately begin saying those two really were never liberal, others just agree.

And for the final bit of news, which just may be interesting and important, Russia is a boiling pot.

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