I, Pandora: New Blogroll Link System

Ok everybody, I’ve found something that may interest you other bloggers. I like to link to others’ blogs. It is a good thing when they link back to me too. But I want to link to blogs with regular content updates more than people who have a good thing to say, but only say it infrequently.

With this in mind I have replaced the blogroll links here on I, Pandora with a feed from my personal blog reading. I’ve been using the beautiful Google Reader to aggregate and read all you friendly blogs out there, and I found that by using the share function with a particular tag, I could add a bit of Java provided by Google in one of these amazing WordPress Widgets to give a live feed as my blogroll. You post, it shows up here as a post, and a link is included to your main blog as well. You post more, you get more links.

Obviously, the main problem is that there are blogs I want to link to where an average day holds 20 posts or more. These are fine blogs, but they could quickly overwhelm any of the smaller blogs which I actually prefer reading. So you’ll see I’ve prioritized and categorized. The High Content list contains those blogs run by full-time bloggers or multiple bloggers working for major organizations. The Idealogue list, as usual, contains those bloggers I enjoy reading for their ideological perspectives, the Christologue is reserved for those blogs dealing exclusively with Christian subjects. Moving a blog to the High Content list will happen if it produces a significant amount of traffic and begins overwhelming the others. I will continually evaluate these lists and move as necessary to maintain a balance.

I’m looking for a way to easily pipe my actual blogroll to a separate page, but we’ll see how that works over time.

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