Seeing Double

In a comment on the article Apology Steve highlighted the double standard, very obvious to so many of us, employed by the congressional leadership. Beginning to comment I found I had too much to say to constrain myself to a single comment:

It’s a shameful double standard. I often wonder how a thinking person can stand such duplicity, much less espouse it themselves. It seems to me that the answer lies in the convergence of several factors.

First, many people today, and I believe it is safe to say a very significant majority of Liberals will deny the fact of objective truth, claiming objective truth is… untrue, objectively. False on it’s face, it is still a significant and appropriate cornerstone of any of the misguided and malignant policies promoted by those who subscribe to the belief. Objective truth is a moral compass. When we accept that some things are “just wrong” and some things are “just right” we can base decisions on our pursuit of what is right and use that guide as a director for our goals. The moral law is also innate to all of us. It is written on our hearts, according to God. To deny the moral law is a process of beating down a part of ourselves, and we can batter it into subjugation to our baser desires.

Without a moral guide, the only reason to do good is for selfish reasons: because I want to, not because I need to. Resulting from this lack of good reason is a lack of good purpose, the second issue. This second issue runs in conjunction with the lack of objective truth to allow the duplicity currently running Capital Hill. There are many purposes in the world today: and many of them can result from more than one cause. A desire to alleviate suffering in poor nations can result from a desire for them to experience the love of God through me, or from my own guilt at being a member or benefactor of our superior system. A desire to run for elected office can result from my own desire for power and self-aggrandizement or from a desire to ensure the survival of our superior system and the benefit of those inside the system and others around the world our superior system reaches out to, or even from the selfish desire to bring about change which we believe is superior to our system. These distinctions are important and will affect profoundly the course a person takes to reach their destination and what they will do once they’ve accomplished what they set out to do.

Finally, the lack of a real faith in God. If there is no objective truth, no good purpose, and no belief that I will be held accountable for my actions and my intentions, there is no reason to do good. Instead, because we cannot exist in a vacuum of any type, we latch on to some goal or idea to give ourselves purpose. We either take the goal of personal power and fulfillment, or we find some idea which appeals to us or seems to be a good thing to do. In our pursuit of our chosen goals then, we are able to subjugate everything else to the goal. There is no truth that cannot be ignored, no promise which cannot be broken, no goal which cannot be changed, as long as we are furthering the idea we’ve latched on to.

A moral person who believes in God and accepts their purpose will tend to check their actions and their motives to see if they are wrong. Even if they are pressing toward a laudable and good goal, their intentions and actions are judged as well and therefore are subject to review.

The Liberal has no qualms, no standards. Arguing with one is like arguing with the wind: you may feel it in your hand but you can never catch it there, it always runs on past you changing as it must to reach it’s goal.

Perhaps James is a good place to end this: The double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Like a wave of the sea he is tossed about.

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  1. Hi Matthew,

    The secret to winning an argument with a liberal is to keep in mind that they feel rather than think. With a little practice, and the ability to keep a straight face, this flaw is easy to manipulate to your debate advantage.

    For instance, if the liberal whines about the poor endangered tufted tit mouse, you bring up the poor farmer, who is going out of business due to the efforts to protect said mouse, and his crippled wife, and their 8 children, 4 of whom have special needs. If the need for busing comes up, ask why it’s needed, and you can be almost assured that the answer will be to promote diversity. The answer to this is to go into a rage about the destruction of the proud African-American culture by drowning it in a sea of bland whiteness.

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on the elitist liberals, you know, the rich ones, since they have been coached to never give only one thought in a single sentence. Thus, if you mention busing, they will ignore you and go on to talk about the tufted mouse. With this type, the best tactic is to keep mentioning President Reagan until they fall to the ground in a convulsing, foaming at the mouth, fit.

    the Grit

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