It’s been a little while since I became absorbed in a book. I really didn’t feel like blogging today.

It is indeed an good feeling to be pulled between the covers into the world of a well-crafted tale full of fantasy and adventure off in the wide, unfamiliar world… and then the phone rings… and I must leave the scary world where I’m gasping to know what happens next. I take the call and answer the questions, fix the problems, and then I’m back between the covers again.

In the meantime, before I slipped between the covers initially, I’ve found a few articles interesting today.

  • Is The Bush Administration… Right? – Salon takes an honest look at the legalities and historical precedent of the Administration refusing information regarding the firing of the Federal Prosecutors.
  • The Epic Narcissism Of Cindy Sheehan – Even the American left’s netroots are getting tired of Cindy Sheehan. It’s a shame it took them so long. Bereavement is no guarantee of wisdom. Yet Sheehan has been encouraged in her conceits, not just by opportunistic figures on the far left but by media icons, including America’s most-overrated columnist, Maureen Dowd.

Not that I want your blood to boil, but I’ve heard it’s good for your convictions…

2 thoughts on “Apology”

  1. Speaking of Harriet Miers and executive privldege. You know the Congress didn’t have much trouble understanding the “separation of powers” doctrine when they were trying to shield Congressman Willam Jefferson from being investigated by the executive branch……..steve

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