Human And Pet Food Recall Reveals…

Have you heard of the human and dog food recall? Four humans have fell sick with signs of botulism poisoning. Connors Bros., a maker of canned fish and meat, has recalled more than 80 food products intended for humans and a few more pet food products.



While it is horrible that they are poisoning people, my beef is that they’re mixing human food with… guess what… pet food!

“Castleberry Food Co. is recalling every product manufactured on a specific production line in the past two years in response to four cases of botulism poisoning in Texas and Indiana.

“Also produced on the line, and also recalled, are a number of pet food products.”

So you’re telling me that pet food is process and canned on the same production line as more than 80 products intended for humans? No wonder my chili reminds me of cat food.

Here’s the company’s web site on the recall.

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3 thoughts on “Human And Pet Food Recall Reveals…”

  1. Hey Matthew,
    I’m happy to say that I don’t buy any of those products and yeah, it’s tres’ creepy that they are processing food for both humans and animals in the same plant. Cripes – could put you off all canned food, couldn’t it?

  2. Have you wondered about who is supposed to eat “Hot Dogs”. If you go by the ingredients it should be for the four footers consumption. And the McCarls and McJack hamburgers probably do include both the Angus and the anus of the cow. However real burgers should come from the shoulder of the animal not the rear or spare parts. Ted

  3. WC:
    I’m not sure that pet and human food off the same assembly line is inherently bad. Old next-door neighbor lady always said she’d not feed her pet anything she wasn’t willing to eat herself (pets do have different nutritional needs though, not sure if I’m 100% for her idea either).Oh, and read the About section, twisted1ogic is a guest/co-blogger here, he’s the one who writes about dog food.

    Wow my dad reads and posts, thanks for the comment Dad, I’ve been passing off my idea of real tender steak burgers to the Product Development people at McD’s whenever they call to get their systems fixed, so far reception has been good. I’ve gotta get it patented though so they have to pay me to make it :).

    Thanks for the comments all.

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