Gems From IBD

Periodically I read the editorials from The Investors Business Daily, today there were several gems:

  1. Smartest Woman On Earth? – Is Hillary really all that a a slice of cheese? Why won’t she release her college transcripts? If she couldn’t pass the DC Bar Exam, one of the easiest in the nation, why does she promote herself as the smartest woman on earth?
  2. Profiles In Incompetence:  10-Part Series On The Worst President In American History – Yup, that’s Jimmy Carter, who so pointedly and ironically calls Mr. Bush the “worst President in history”. Funny how the Great Incompetents get together and think they still run things nowadays.
  3. MS DNC – Like so many school yard children crying because they lost in a fair fight or because they can’t have what they want, Democrats clawing for a reinstatement of the “Fairness Doctrine” are unaware that in the substance-driven world of radio a pretty smile and a crying shame don’t get you listeners.
  4. The Clintons Lulled Us Into War – If Rudy and Hillary face off as the nominees, Rudy promises to make Hill(o’ beans)ary answer why Willy did not attack Al Quaeda immediately after the first WTC attack.

You really can’t go wrong reading the IBD.

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