Coward, Mother Of The Hero

Cindy Sheehan is a coward, her son is a hero. This just goes to show there are some things genetics can’t buy.

Cindy was in Charlotte NC recently protesting the defense of our families and children against the unspeakable hatred (thanks Barb) which threatens us all. Veteran pro-defense organization Gathering of Eagles was there to protest her and support the war against terror. Cindy is a coward. I wonder what would happen were we to put her face-to-face with real protest, real hatred? Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for our pleasant little thought experiment there, we cannot, in the foreseeable future expect that to occur (I’m really getting an itch to Photoshop her into a burka and put her facing one of those rabid mobs).

When faced with people, veterans and their supporters, she hides in her car, does not speak to her adoring sycophantic com-idiots and leave for greener pastures at the earliest opportunity. Then she logs on to her buddy Michael Moore’s site and blogs about how mean and nasty everybody was, including the police. If she gets this upset over that little confrontation, how come she can’t understand people REALLY willing to hurt her.

Anyways, here’s the story, as documented in the Charlotte Observer:

  1. July 18th: Sheehan Stays On Sidelines At Rally
  2. July 19th: Sheehan Criticizes Charlotte Police
  3. July 20th: Sheehan Criticizes Charlotte Police (updated)

Her post on Michael Moore’s blog, where this peaceful loving lady labels the Veterans

neo-Nazi, pro-war fascist(s)

and claims that

the Eagles’ freedom of speech has included physical threats against me and actual physical force against kids and women.

If you don’t believe in the truth, you’ll believe anything you tell yourself.

Also, here’s the letters to the Editor of the Charlotte Observer, note the difference in tenor between those who just read the article and the father who actually at the park playing ball with his son.

Other Interesting Stuff Today:

  • Michelle Malkin calls roll on the failure of the vote to add the  John Doe amendment which would have prevented suing people who report suspicious activity.
  • 4Simpsons completes the series on the Bible and homosexuality.
  • Jet contrails help mitigate temperature swing, the three days of grounded air traffic following September 11th allowed for some interesting studies.
  • The Pentagon puts Hillary in her place. And is it just me or does she look not just old, but petrified? Every time I see a new picture of her face I think two things: “There goes one very bitter woman” and “It’s no wonder Bill did…”

7 thoughts on “Coward, Mother Of The Hero”

  1. Thanks for the link!

    All I can say is that Cindy Sheehan and Nancy Pelosi deserve each other.

    Love your blog – great layout and greater content!

  2. “Pentagon puts Hillary in her place”

    Did you ever notice when any Pentagon offical (present or past) or any CIA officia (present or past) have anything negative to say about Bush, they have instant credibility, but Hillary only has to pretend there is this Vast Right Wing Conspiracy when the results go th other way?…………steve

  3. I must say I’ve noted responses to that effect for some time. I just don’t watch the news any longer, I get what I need from articles online and then read the blogosphere to catch what’s really important.

    Thanks for the comment Lauderdale. Reading your blog, I may post your link on my blogroll shortly.

  4. Hi M,

    What I loved was how quickly the liberals turned on her when she threatened to run against Pelosi. What was that old saying about honor and thieves?

    the Grit

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