This Is Evil

I’ve been on an evil kick lately, and here’s the latest installment. Over at LittleGreenFootballs a post from yesterday has a YouTube video of a news report with clips of Muslim demonstrators showing their signs while protesting incarcerated Muslim leaders. Read the signs, that’s all I ask. I did not hear the audio, I just read the signs.

2 thoughts on “This Is Evil”

  1. Thanks for the link Barbara, excellent pictures showing the depth of hatred we face. I do not hate Muslims, nor do I fear them. My God is a big, strong God. And my country is for now at least, sticking to its guns. I fear for the future, when those Muslims who would destroy us will grow and thrive on subjugation and hatred. We must defeat them now.

    Watch the Magnificent Seven for some great quotes on the dirty necessities of war and fighting.

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