Update: UFCW Recycles Baby-Formula “Scandal”

To follow-up on my post from Sunday, the Arizona Republic editorialized on the event today.

“The tactics of the United Food and Commercial Workers against Bashas’ food stores must have Jimmy Hoffa turning in his grave . . . no small feat, considering Hoffa’s grave may have several tons of concrete over it.”

The editorial goes on to share that UFCW bosses pulled the baby-formula scandal out of their “Business Bullying Tactics” files, dusted it off, and got to work.

This Arizona baby-formula “scandal” is almost a mirror image of a 1995 event in Virginia, also staged by the UFCW. Then, the union claimed to have found rampant evidence of out-of-date baby formula at Food Lion supermarkets, while government inspectors had found almost none. And, not coincidentally, the union accusations about Food Lion’s abuse of the public trust immediately followed its failed efforts to unionize Food Lion employees.”

Is the movement so worn down as to have run out of creativity? If workers want to join up, more power to them, but the 14,000 Basha employees rejected the union. What makes union bosses think they know better than employees?

You can check out UFCWexposed.com for some more info.

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