Today’s Interesting Stuff: July 17th 2007

There’s soooo much good stuff out there, I couldn’t focus on anything specific to serve up to y’all. So here goes another thrilling episode of Todays Interesting Stuff:

First, a three articles on the War and President Bush:

Next, a culture shock moment in Gary, Indiana

A good friend came to visit me a few weeks ago, we traveled down to Lousiville KY to visit some other friends and then on the way back we stopped in Gary, Indiana. This town is a sad testament to Union protectionism gone awry, government social programs working the way they usually do, and the indomitable human spirit being crushed under the weight of it’s own self-worth. We had to stop by this town because Professor Harold Hill, the Music Man, attended Conservatory here, graduating in the class of ’05 (though it was revealed the conservatory did not open until ’06). There is definite history here, but most of it has been forgotten. The culture shock came as my friend and I were looking for trinkets of baubles, touristy sorts of things she could get for her boyfriend. Initially we looked downtown, but in that depressed town the populace does not have either the money or the inclination to support anything touristy or sell anything touristy. My friend and I walked into a grocery store, and immediately the eyes of the entire store were upon us. We smiled affably at all, put on our clueless tourist faces and began to scour the aisles for trinkets and baubles. There were none to be found. We were the only two white people within 10 blocks at least. It wasn’t just one neighborhood either, but nearly the entire city. And it’s not inherently wrong or bad that there is a city so different from most other American cities, do not misread me. What struck me was the distrust I felt directed towards myself and my friend, the obviously depressed situation of a significant majority of these people. The friendly clerk at the gas station expressed her own commentary on this sad corner of America, “it sucks” she said, and she lives there.

Feeling Way Too White, from Emily Hauser and the Christian Science Monitor, talks of another Chicago suburb even closer to home for me. It really is the way she says it is.

And finally, the presidential race, particularly among the Republicans, introduces a classic American religion to the political big-shot race

Mormon, Governor, Republican Mitt Romney is running, and running well so far, for the Republican nod to head this greatest nation on God’s green earth. The Mormon bit has not been brought up very often, but I’d assume mostly that is a result of the media hoping against hope that there are big glaring billboard-sized issues they can attack in the as-yet-unnamed Republican nominee for President. A Mormon will have a target the size of a blimp over their heads, and better yet if they’re Republican.

But politics aside, the Mormon faith is an intriguing study, and from my perspective as a born-again Christian, entirely false. The worst bit being the differences between what their holy books teach and what the average Mormon is taught.

Two particularly salient discussions on the topic of Mormonism, one specifically from the political perspective and one specifically from the theological perspective, bring together great minds in a worthwhile discussion.

Mormonism and Democratic Politics: Are They Compatible, is a transcript of a discussion hosted by the Pew Forum.

Are Mormons Christian? Is a debate hosted by BeliefNet between Dr Al Mohler, Dean of Southern Seminary and outspoken commentator on the Christian role in current affairs, and Orson Scott Card, Mormon, Democrat, Science fiction author (one of my favorite), and all around intelligent guy. I highly respect both of these men, Card because I’ve read nearly everything he’s ever published, and Mohler because I have good friends who attend his school and I’ve heard enough about him from people I trust. Note: This debate is rather hard to read, you have to start from the END of the page and read each preceding article in turn to follow the ideas.

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  1. I’ll start by saying that I didn’t read this. I saw William Kristol’s name and cringed.

    He is the chairman for Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Some of the other members include Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Dan Quayle, Steve Forbes, I. Lewis Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, etc.

    On this site, within the numerous publications, they call for “A new Pearl Harbor” to push for a middle east agenda (prior to 9/11), the creation of race specific bioweapons, a one world government, among other horrific things.

    He should hang from a rope after being convicted by a jury of his peers of high treason against the united states.

  2. matthew,

    I wanted to tell you to read a book called “Plutonium Files” and to do some research on what the US military did to 7th day adventists in “Project Whitecoat”. Should make for an interesting article.

  3. Random, I edited your first entry, correcting per your second to read “Pearl Harbor”.

    I’m doing a little poking about regarding the two incidents your mentioned in your last post and initially I want to say what I say to any conspiracy theory: Why don’t we hear about it from the media?

    The media has shown themselves to be for anything which damages the military, causes doubt about wartime efforts of the government, or foments FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) regarding nuclear matters. If these incidents did occur, the media would keep us well aware of them. Further, the inability of the government or any organization to keep secrets speaks against the chances that these did occur. If you consider the number of people who would need to know at least part of this plan, the odds that at least one of them would have moral qualms regarding the experiments are quite high.

    If the incidents are indeed true and being portrayed accurately, it is proof that man is sinful and that there is great need for the checks and balances which have been, to a greater or lesser extent, integrated into our government. Also, it brings to mind the claims of humanists for the last hundred year stating that with more education a person is made more moral. The tragedy of WWII put the lie to this claim as Germany leading up to Hitlers’ great evil was and throughout the war continued to be the most educated society in the world, both with percentage of the population educated, and average education level.

    I cannot at this point either confirm or deny that these and other questionable events have happened, I can only say that there are several philosophical and practical considerations which would seem to say that either the events did not occur or they are not, in fact, as serious as some would have you believe.

  4. All the media is controlled by less and less super-mega corporations every day. The deregulation of TV, Newspaper and Radio sector is absolutely horrifying.

    The Carlisle group was able to buy out clear channel who owns 3000 or 4000 some radio stations. Who are some of the primary holders of the Carlisle group? The bin laden family. Remember the dixie chicks? They spoke out against the war and clear channel stopped playing their songs.

    A great documentary on this topic that i’ve watched was called “Orwell rolls in his grave”. I watched it again yesterday infact.

    Here is a link to a torrent:

    People always speak about conspiracy theories as if it’s this thing that tin foil hat conspiracy theorists come up with.

    I want to ask you a few questions and make a few statements.

    1) Name one country/government on this earth which has not had a genocide, or massacre numbering in the thousands on their soil.

    2) When you find out that there arent any (maybe 1 or 2). I would then ask you, Knowing those numbers, why would you EVER trust government?

    3) Definition of a conspiracy:
    con·spir·a·cy /kənˈspɪrəsi/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[kuhn-spir-uh-see] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun, plural -cies.
    1. the act of conspiring.
    2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
    3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
    4. Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
    5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

    4) Have you ever known 2 or more people that conspired to commit a crime? Well, you must be some kind of conspiracy theorist.

    Our government gave blankets to indians with small pox and other diseases in it.

    Our government then massacred those indians that werent killed by the small pox.

    Our government sunk its own vessel USS Maine, to start a war with the spanish.

    Our government staged an event in the gulf of tonkin in vietnam. It came out in congressional testimony that this even NEVER HAPPENED. This even was used as a pretext to start a war in vietnam.

    Our military under the director order of LBJ (Lyndon Johnson) had the israeli aircraft attack a communications intercept vessel off the coast of egypt. Hundreds of people died. The captain of the ship who was awarded the congressional medal of honor in secret, called several times for fighter support. The aircraft were denied directly by Lydon Johnson himself he said and I quote. “I want that god damn ship going to the bottom”. They were planning to use this as a pretext for the US to enter the 7day war and for the US to occupy egypt.

    Plutonium files, obviously. The reporter who discovered the names of the 18 people who had plutonium injected into their blood stream won the Pulitzer prize.

    7th day adventists, they were experimented on with biological materials. Live virus.

    Trinity Blast, and other atmospheric, ground, and underwater nuclear test detinations. The military would post soldiers (by the thousands), as well as tanks, ships, vehicles in and around nuclear blasts. They were testing to find out what the result of radiation poisoning from a nuclear blast was. Even after several prominent scientists had already died from radiation poisoning before a test detonation had even occured. Most of these men are now dead.

    Operation Ajax, in 1953 the CIA staged a coup de ta in iran to overthrow democratically elected president dr mohammad mossadeq. They gunned crowds, blew up mosques, passed out pamplets that said “up with communism, up with mossadeq, down with allah”, set off bombs, had staged insurections, and finally installed a puppet dictator The Shah of iran who killed thousands and is still today ranked up with papa doc as one of the most opressive regimes in history.

    Speaking of papa doc, Where did he hide out after he was deposed from his country? USA. A very close family friend actually went to parties in Indiana where baby doc (papa’s son) was hiding out during the civil uprising.

    Again, Why should I trust my government? These are just a small number, there are many many more.

    I could go on for hours with more incidents where the government has knowingly killed its own citizens, or lied in a very major way to provoke a reaction or create a pretext. (i use the word pretext in a generic fashion, there is a saying “Problem Reaction Solution”, They create a problem, Wait for the reactionary public to react, and then offer their phony pre-made solution to fix the problem)

    It’s all just basic psychology really.

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