Union Betrays Public Trust While It Falsely Claims Store Betrays Babies

Check this out! A union is trying to organize a chain of stores. Part of its plan is to financially hurt the company so much that it will be more cost effective to let the union in than keep the union out, so this is what they do.

UFCW Brochure

The union wants to hurt the chain’s public reputation and stop customers from patronizing the store, so it held a news conference alleging that the union found 25 of the chain’s 43 stores were selling out-of-date baby formula. One blogger thinks the union planted the formula.

Another blogger came home to find this brochure in the mail. He’s pro-union, but incensed at the mailer (Caution for vulgarity).

Here’s an editorial that explains some background and condemns the unscrupulous union tactics.

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