Grit Vs. The Commie

Reading my feeds this morning I came across, through a tortuous series of links, the wytammic blog and its’ featured comment from last week. For the Independence day post there was quite a response, mostly driven by an inside joke about watermelons (It’s been a long time since I had a real, rip, watermelon. Fruits just aren’t the same out here in Illinois.) and by a vocal and passionate socialist/communist from Ireland. The socialist is initially ripped in to by various regulars on the blog, but as the dust settles the battle lines are drawn between the socialist and Grit, a recent addendum to the I, Pandora blogroll who’s kindly returned the linkage. There’s some good rhetoric and thought-provoking responses, and a good test for your BS filter in this thread. It always amazes me how good evil ideas sound, how much sense they make when we’re not careful to think them through to their actual conclusion.

I highly recommend you read the entire exchange.

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