Iran: Pressure Cooker

Looking east (as if I ever look elsewhere) we see the nation of Iran: a pressure cooker looking to explode. Controlled by the sadistic hand of a standard-issue despot and under the thumb of power hungry Mullahs, this county is a hotbed of terrorism and regional and international unrest. Our friend Ahmadinejad has more on his plate than he can handle, apparently. His global aspirations have apparently caused him to overlook the state of his own nation, to the point where Iran is experiencing debilitating inflation many experts peg at 22% for this year.

The possible problems this inflation may cause are many and varied. Internal unrest caused by massive unemployment and widespread poverty, the inability for average people to afford the necessities of life, could put intense pressure on the government to “do something”. Either Ahmadinejad will forego is empirical ambitions for the meantime, focusing on the internal strife in his nation before resuming his nefarious plans for world domination. Or, and I believe this is more likely given his aspirations and stated plans, he will strike out against America and the West, claim he’s acting in defense, protecting his nation from us and our evil infiltration and crippling of his nation.

Be on your guard, but don’t be paranoid.

2 thoughts on “Iran: Pressure Cooker”

  1. Paranoid? Never

    On guard against those that hurl threats and wish us (and our allies) harm? Oh yes.

    I doubt he cares little about the hardships of his own people, I mean, just look how the gas rationing was handled, which left them to a panic.

  2. Wow, I love all the rhetoric and talking points in this post. Is your name Bill Oreilly? Maybe you could be his stand in double, I doubt the vegged out demographic who watches his show wouldn’t know the difference. Where to start.

    I’ve read most of Ahmadinejad’s letters and speeches (translated, I dont know Farsi. I would love to have the time to learn it though)

    From everything i’ve read, I’ve never heard him say that he would lash out against us for no reason, or make those sort of gestures. What I have heard him say is that if we (US) invade Iran, he will defend his country.

    Usually when they start spinning propaganda they say something like..

    “Ahmadinejad said he was going to attack us!”

    then you go and read what he actually said and it would be something like this.

    “If you attack us, we will attack you”

    Who wouldnt?

    If the Chinese were came over and invaded new jersey with the offering of political and economic freedom, would you fight back?

    While you might not see it because you’re on the inside of the US borders, outside of the borders in places that aren’t in the US, people have a attitude of hatred for the US. Even in the philippines which could be catagorized as a 53rd state of the union because of the close ties between the american and philippine government people hate us. (US owned the philippines from the end of the spanish american war to 1963 (i believe?) which is when they were granted their independance from the US)

    Let’s think back to 1953 when british petrolium was refused a monopoly on the Iranian oil fields from then democratically elected president Dr mohammad mossadeq. What happened after that? We’ll on the CIA’s own website it states that they carried out assignations, gunned crowds of innocent people and blamed it on mossadeq, bombed mosques and other religious sites, paid off dissidents to start an organized movement, and eventually they threw over the democratically elected president and installed The Shah of Iran.

    This operation was called “Operation Ajax”. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

    So, lets say the chinese came over and overthrew our president (Even as bad as he is), installed a dictator who murdered thousands of people, and then what if the chinese came back 50 years later after we regained some control over our country and said “we’re going to invade you because you want nuclear power plants” and then they invaded new jersey and took control 3 mile island.

    Would you fight?

    We are the oppressors. I don’t care what your religious zealot preacher says.

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