Presidential Pardons

The Center For Individual Freedom posted this quiz:

Who are the only two U.S. Presidents to date who did not grant any pardons during their terms of office?

    George Washington and John Adams
    James Garfield and William H. Harrison
    Woodrow Wilson and Harry S. Truman
    Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton

The Answer:

Presidents James Garfield and William Henry Harrison executed not a single presidential clemency action while in office, both having died before serving even one year of their terms.

Washington and Adams granted 16 and 21, respectively; Wilson and Truman’s pardons each topped 2,000; Reagan granted 406 and Clinton, 456.

Source: University of Pittsburgh School of Law

And some people are complaining about the communtation of one sentence? Don’t get me wrong. There are no excuses for obstruction of justice and perjury, but these figures from the records of other presidents put the situation in perspective.

Bonus question:
Which President signed the most clemency actions?

Franklin D. Roosevelt signed 3687 clemency actions during his 12 years as President.

3 thoughts on “Presidential Pardons”

  1. I’m not sure why roosevelt granted clemency to such large a number of people. That still does not excuse the actions of future presidents though.

    That’s like saying.. “We’ll Mao killed 50,000,000 people so Pol Pot wasnt that bad of a guy”

    (Mao was put in power by the Rockefeller, and Brzezinski said “we couldn’t support pol pot he was an abomination, but the chinese could”)

    At any rate,

    The current media blitz about the libby pardon is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to take attention away from more important issues. Who didn’t see this coming anyway?

    What happened to those investigations that were promised by the democrats? Where are the impeachment hearings (which was more or less what the public mandate was at the end of 2006)? Why are things getting progressively worse in Iraq? (Pentagon P2OG plan anyone? Or the israeli plan of 1952 to break up iraq into 3 parts along religious lines?)

    Why are we losing more and more rights and freedoms every day? Why are we pushing our dictatorship policies abroad to foreign countries in exchange paying off the political officials.

    (They just passed an anti-terror law that is more or less verbatim of the patriot act in the philippines, they are going to start monitoring all cell phone calls, text messages, wired phone calls, internet emails, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. They are going to be paid to do so by the United States. Even the national security advisor of the philippines said it was an extremely bad bill, everyone is in an uproar frenzy (even the corrupt government officials) over this bill. Meanwhile the death squads here continue to kill political dissidents by the thousands. )

    Can you smell the freedom? Oh wait, that’s the stench of rotting flesh, soon coming to a local city square near you.

  2. Do you even think through what you’re saying? Random, you’re being ridiculous and it is very sad to see one as obviously passionate and with some decent writing skill saying these things:
    Of course it doesn’t excuse anything, but perspective is everything. Libby was caught because anyone, if asked the same question enough times in enough ways, will make a statement which could be construed to be contradictory.
    Democrats won by fielding candidates MORE pro-war and pro-life and generally conservative than the republicans. A sad commentary on the both parties is what it is, not a mandate to impeach or surrender. This information is not hidden from you.
    Only the most paranoid of the paranoid make any of those claims you’ve made regarding the patriot act. Wiretapping has been used since FDR, 60 years ago, and it was not changed except to make the process quicker and with safeguards. One of the parties must be a KNOWN Al Qaeda affiliate to allow the warrantless wiretap.

    Yes freedoms have been slipping away, but get your facts straight before you worry all over the rest of us.

    Thanks for taking the time to post. And bring some more friends next time you come around, I need more dissenting opinions here.

  3. So in section 802 of the patriot act where it defines terrorism as “Any violation of state or federal law that endangers human life.”…….

    It’s talking about alciada?

    And anyone who is charged with terrorism can have their bank accounts seized, home seized, car seized, held without a trial indefinitely. Etc, etc, etc, etc.

    With that definition, bank robbers are terrorists, people who drive wrecklessly (anyone who has ever driven 20 miles over the speed limit is a terrorist).

    It gets better in the patriot act reauthorization though.

    In patriot act reauthorized (I.E. Patriot Act 2). The definition of terrorism is “Any violation of state or federal law”. And it gives the president powers to revoke citizenship of anyone who is suspected of being a terrorist without a trial or even a military tribunal.

    Yes, the president has been given dictatorial powers which will be passed along to hillary.

    If you think wiretapping is what I was talking about, you’re mistaken. But since we’re on the subject. Let’s talk about the entire floors within datacenters all over america that are run by the NSA. All internet traffic outbound from the provider through its peer links first runs to the NSA floor before going to the internet. This allows them to search and sniff all emails, google searches, voip phone calls, etc, etc, etc, etc (anything that uses the internet).

    I think that was broken back in like.. 1998-1999 by the washington post or newsweek. I don’t recall exactly, it was an AT&T employee that came forward with the information and broke the story.



    This is just one piece of legislation (patriot act), I completely understand that. It’s just the one I find to be most disturbing. I know all about the fairness doctrine under reagan, FDR Rounded up German Americans and Japenese Americans and threw them in concentration camps.. There was another president who threw american newspaper reporters in jail a long time ago, but the name slips me at the moment.


    The actions of past presidents do not excuse or lessen the severity of the crimes of future presidents. Pol Pot deserved to die just as much as Mao did.

    There were many many democratic candidates who used impeachment to get elected. Nancy Pelosi being one of those, and then after she gets in and says “i’m going to be house majority leader” before the vote for majority leader even came up. After she was made majority leader she did not once mention impeachment, or an Iraq resolution.

    What is Al Qaeda anyway?

    I love the more recent propaganda where they say “Iran is funding al qaeda”. When in reality the sunni and shiite sects hate each other, and they’re saying that the shiite sect in iran are funding a mortal enemy of theirs in iraq. Amazing.

    Sudan offered to give us Osama after the bombing of the USS Cole, how did president clinton respond? He shoved a bunch of cruise missiles up their ass.

    Can you feel the love?

    The taliban post 9-11 offered to give Osama to us if we would provide them with evidence stating his guilt, simple request right? Apparently not. Neoconservatives usually respond to this by saying “well they were just stalling so they could let him run away”. To which I say “looks like we did a good job doing that ourselves”.


    I’m ranting again.. Good night.

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