Ratings For Live Earth

Two ratings are out on the Live Earth program, one for language and another for veiwership.

Rated for Strong Language

The BBC and media regulator Ofcom have received almost 150 complaints about bad language in Saturday’s unedited live broadcast of the Live Earth concerts

I wonder how many parental control programs on family TV’s had to black out the program for inappropriate content. If Live Earth is for the benefit of future generations, shouldn’t it be appropriate for them to watch it?

Veiwer Ratings

Viewership was a dismal failure and couldn’t keep pace with guess what? Tennis! Yea, a real thriller! Ok, it was the Wimbledon Cup, but it’s still tennis.

Viewing figures for the show failed to live up to expectations. The live afternoon television coverage attracted an average of less than 1 million viewers on BBC2, losing out to BBC1’s coverage of the Wimbledon ladies’ singles final.

In the evening, when coverage switched from BBC2 to BBC1, the average audience was around 2.7 million viewers.

The peak audience, for Madonna’s set, was watched by 4.5 million after 10pm.

A sexier spokesperson may have helped. Gore

2 thoughts on “Ratings For Live Earth”

  1. I watched some of it on MSN, and later in the day, since I have a bad cold watched some in bed.

    I wasn’t much impressed, but there was one part that struck me as trying to recreate a charismatic religious meeting. Music setting the mood, repetative shouts, followed by an Al Gore sermon.

    It didn’t come accross very sincere, none of it.

  2. I definitely agree that a better looking spokesperson could have at least got a little more the red-neck participation. Madonna is just too last millennium.

    And one thing that gets me is that it really does not matter how sincere we are. Hitler believed very sincerely in the justice of his cause, and many people followed him, sure of the veracity of their beliefs. What matters is the rightness and the goodness of the cause or belief.

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