Looking For An Antidote To The News Of Doom

The news leaders today scream how the benchmarks have not been met in the Iraq troop surge and how Bush will need to provide answers and he’ll be increasingly pressured to set a time line for withdrawal (the not-so-secret codename for surrender). It has gotten to the point where I believe it is immoral for radio stations to just read the AP or Newswire feeds. The mental laxity which goes into the drivel flooding those wires and making news on the Christian stations and the music stations and any other station which cannot afford a full-time news staff is appalling, and it should be obvious to the station staff the utter lack of truth trafficked on such channels.

But beyond the rant, I looked for a balance: a word well spoken by a knowing authority on the matter which would lend some perspective to the whole issue. While perusing the HughHewit blog I found a link to a New York Post article which provided the balance. In an interview with General Petraeus they ask about the plan, the goals, the vision of this man who leads the greatest military in the free world against the forces of terrorism, hatred, and ignorance (yes, it really is that way it is, that’s not just fanciful hyperbole).

And while we’re on this optimistic kick, American Thinker asks “Who is losing What war in Iraq?”

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