Live Earth: “A Massive, Hypocritical Fraud”

Loud noise, large crowds, the unwashed masses of todays’ global-warming zombies all gathered and listened to washed up acts playing washed up noise, all in the name of cooling the earth. Funny thing is, most people there probably thought cooling the earth meant giving it a drag on a reefer, and were hoping the “mouth” of the earth would open near their particular venue, and were vaguely concerned that the even organizers might have trouble finding enough of the precious stuff to give the earth a big enough hit that it would actually make a difference.

What is of particular interest to me is the bureaucratic red tape and restrictions placed by unthinking public entities on the construction of Nuclear power plants. Liberals and their ideology are the primary reason why Nuclear plants are considered taboo today. Nuclear energy is safe, clean, does not salmon runs or kill birds, uses a common natural resource, and have not been built in decades. Chernobyl, the skull and crossbones of the anti-nuclear-idiots society, has not turned out to be the ecological or even medical disaster it was warned of becoming. Three mile island “radiates” less energy than a person gets during a normal day from the sun. Nuclear meltdown is a bugaboo, not a fact. To those who it exists as a fact, there are many other “facts” which have similar import and veracity.

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5 thoughts on “Live Earth: “A Massive, Hypocritical Fraud””

  1. Hi Barb,

    Dang, I should learn to slow down and smell the blog!

    As to nuclear, the safety factor depends on your frame of reference. In the US, there have been 0, that's zero, deaths from nuclear power plants since we opened the first one. By contrast, we have several casualties each year in coal plants (I'll try to look it up and make a post with the actual numbers.) The same, as best I know, is true of European and Japanese nuclear plants. We have experienced a handful of fatalities in connection to military run nuclear facilities, but that's hardly the same thing. For that matter, the big killer was that Russian plant, Ch.. something, and that was due to the reduction of safety standards near the end of the USSR's reign, when they were really desperate to keep up with the West.

    The reason you never heard anything about the safety record of the nuclear power industry was due to a concerted effort by environmental groups during the late 70s and the 80s to stop them, combined with the general gullibility of the American public, and a big helping hand from our liberal media.

    I'll post on this when I get time.

    the Grit

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Many thinks for both finding our post, and then thinking it worthy of linking to. While I haven’t had time to examine your blog in detail, the name is great, and your declaration of purpose, I suspect, will be appreciated by some of our readers. I trust that adding you to our blogroll won’t be an offense.

    the Grit

  3. Ahh, haha, I’m afraid that nuclear rant was a bit… um… “rantish” and less… um… planned. It’s still true. France, that union of all things socialist (which BTW is looking to be ending much of that socialism with it’s new government) and liberal, is running primarily (like 80-90%) on nuclear power. It’s cheap, failures are very infrequent, and when they are, they’re contained. There’s rarely incidents such as meltdown, and those only result in contained massive messes, not mushroom clouds and radioactive rain. The only arguments against nuclear are deal with the waste (we bury it beneath the Nevada desert or in cans at the bottom of the ocean, we’ve considered shooting into deep space, but that’s VERY cost prohibitive). And the waste is so very little relative to the energy output of the plants.
    Nuclear is a bug-bear, that’s it’s only problem. A bug-bear of the same crowd that reads horoscopes and believe in the tooth fairy over the age of thirty and… well you get the point.

  4. But the waste is more what people seem to worry about.
    And yet, it isn’t completely new to me how perhaps that has been dramatized.

    By the way, I will also add you to my links from my blog. 🙂
    Thanks for the responses!

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