More On Fighting Racism With Racism

Predictably, the newswire and blogosphere are awash with opinion on the Supreme Court decision commented on here.

There are several articles written on either side of the issue published in the last few days which give a perspective on the views surrounding this:

  1. writes a scathing rebuke of the ACLU and their responses to this debate.

    (T)he ACLU disagrees with the 14th (”equal protection”) Amendment — which requires equal treatment before the law for all. Nice to be able to pick and choose which amendment you support!

  2. Bowling Green News, in an opinion editorial contains a tortured and incoherent response to the ruling, spewing facts and figures I’d really like to see on paper, with proof.

    Chief Justice John Roberts said, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” Thanks, Justice Roberts, for that clarification. I never would have been able to figure that one out on my own, I see now why you were chosen as to be the highest judicial officer in the country. If it’s really that simple then why is it that more than one in six black children now attend schools that are 99 to 100 percent minority?

    Well, if we understood that and applied it, Roberts wouldn’t have needed to say it. Apparently we weren’t able to figure it out in application. And by minority does he realize this also means people of mexican and asian descent? And does he even pause to consider the social assumptions, the real root causes of such poverty among that particular demographic?

  3. The New Republic delves into Justice Kennedy’s “Controlling” opinion, which it turns out is less opinion and more the apparent fevered ramblings of a an old mind, great as it may once have been.
  4. Black America Web has a perspective from the NAACP perspective, American Black leadership, which appears to me to be more of the same standard liberal social perspective we see so prevalent today. Feel good fixes more than actual solutions. Style over substance.

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