Media Fawning Over Moore, Makes Me “Sicko”

Kudos to Amy Menefee of the Business & Media Institute for her scathing article of Michael Moores latest “documentary” commenting on the state of the American health care system.

Michael Moore is a documented liar who uses “omission, exaggeration and cinematic sleight of hand” to make his political points. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the media who cover his movies.

Now journalists are using “Sicko,” which opens June 29, to make a giddy, unabashed case for socialized health care in America – and even urging Moore to run for office.

He shows “compassion” and “generosity,” he’s a great “campaigner” and an “adroit politician,” reporters have declared.

He’s “taking on America’s deeply flawed health care system,” said Terry Moran on ABC’s “Nightline” June 13. And “… the point his movie ultimately makes: fixing health care is a moral, even a religious obligation.”

“Father Michael Moore – hard to imagine, maybe, or maybe not,” Moran said, after learning Moore once ventured to seminary. “Well, try this one: Senator Michael Moore.”

The media have been in awe of Moore’s film and Moore’s charisma, and enthusiastic about the idea of socialized medicine. Overall, coverage has glossed over Moore’s distortions in favor of keeping the snowballing policy discussion going.

Those who promote so called “single-payer” or government run health care systems cannot be willfully ignorant. There is too much information readily and publicly available regarding the obvious and horrendous failures of those systems.

The American system costs lots of money, that is true. And health care is very expensive. But how much of that is already a result of government regulation preventing the market from deciding the cost naturally. There are many problems with the system, and the solution is always the same. Mandatory insurance guarantees payments for procedures and medication. If we were budget constrained in our medical choices, additional thought would go into what procedures were really necessary, fewer frivolous procedures.

But then consider the converse side of this. America develops nearly every effective medication in the world today combating diseases our grandparents only dreamed of. The incredible costs of R&D for these miracle meds are covered by the incredible largesse controlled by the medical industry. If there weren’t money involved in making the drugs, there wouldn’t be a sufficient reason for businesses to get involved in creating them. If the government were to get involved in health care, you can rest assured that it would be only a very short time until, in what would be called an attempt to control spiraling costs (and yes, they would continue to spiral, the government cannot control itself) they would begin blaming the drug companies and would begin hostile takeovers of those companies. Government has never been good or even adequate at creativity and creation. Government controls and destroys, the more it is given the more that is lost.

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