The Numbers Tell The Tale

Today in the Investors Business Daily, the editorial Scoring the War delves into the real numbers and the truth that’s being deliberately and maliciously hidden to affect the perception and the outcome of the War on Terror.

(T)he numbers tell the tale. In his 24 years as Iraq’s Stalinist supreme leader, Saddam Hussein killed at least 2 million people. That averages out to about 6,944 a month for the better part of three decades.

Most responsible estimates show that, at most, 60,000 or so civilians have been killed since the war started, about 1,200 a month.

Moreover, no one doubts that Saddam was responsible for all 2 million of his deaths. In the case of the U.S., most of the civilian deaths come from al-Qaida and other terrorists, not U.S. troops.

There is no balance in reporting on the war. I have a hard time understanding the state of the soul which allows many millions of innocent dead to be further trodden by the bloodied heels of their tormentors, and condemns those who would seek to not avenge but set aright the state of being which allows such heinous crimes.

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