Raised Hackles

I went to McDonalds for lunch the other day, through the drive-through and on my way. This is the McDonalds across the parking lot from the world corporate headquarters for all McDonalds, so the service here is just a few notches above anywhere else. The employees are courteous and clean and the food is fast, very fast. And I’ve become spoiled.

Imagine my surprise and consternation then when I get back to my shady parking spot and begin enjoying my lunch accompanied by Mark Bellings filling in for Rush, and find I’m missing part of my lunch order. Oh I got frustrated, quickly. Thinking short words to describe the people behind the thick windows with their beady eyes just waiting to gyp me. I’m frustrated because I only have a half-hour lunch break, and this means even less time to enjoy it. I’m frustrated because it means I’m going to have to walk into that crowded store and describe the problem and try and get it resolved. I’m frustrated because I deserve better than this. They ought to give me a large fries just because they messed up my day. Maybe if I make a big stink I’ll get a coupon or something. Ha.

So I begin to drive back down the street to McDonalds, steaming. But as I near the store, the initial shock and angst wears off and I begin to think rationally about this. The employees here service hundreds of people every hour, I’ve only had one or two issues in my visits there (missed a straw once and missed a fork once). I’ve worked at a McDonalds before and I know the pressures and stresses involved in that job. What was I upset for?

This world is populated with humans, lots of them. We all make mistakes, lots of them. We all mess up and screw up and goof up and the world keeps turning. God still loves us. Why should I be upset because I missed my small fries.

So I walked up to the counter, laid down my receipt, opened my bag to show it’s abbreviated contents and calmly and kindly stated my problem to the important looking lady behind the counter:

“I did not receive my small fries”

“Ok, I’m sorry about that”

She walks the 6 feet, retrieves a small fries package, and back and puts them in a new bag for me. I walk out, content. There is nothing more I need nor anything less. I got what I paid for and now I’m happy. I did not ruin her day and I did not disrupt the store. It was very simple really, once I got passed my human nature.

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