Evolution: The Lie Disbelieved

It would seem, after decades of required teaching of Evolution in America without any balance or criticism, that the majority of people in America today would believe that Evolution is enough to explain the origin of man. But a series of Gallup polls show this not to be true, indeed a full 2/3rds of Americans believe to some extent that God created the world in it’s present form in the last 10,000 years.

The article is quick to point out how Republicans tend to believe a literal Creation more readily than Democrats, implying a mental deficit. But the ability to question ones own belief is a sign of mental maturity, and I would submit that it is the close-minded Democrats who are at a deficit here, if any exists. And I would further submit it is no mental deficit to disbelieve, but a spiritual one, and that is all the more dangerous.

One thought on “Evolution: The Lie Disbelieved”

  1. You have that ass-backwards. Those who wholeheartedly take the word of the bible (nothing more than a book by the way) as the gospel and reject 5,000 years of scientific discovery (probably millions of years actually, as some areas were inhabited by early hominids using the stars as guides, not to mention keeping track of stars and weather patterns for crop growth and whatnot) are the close-minded. Evolution is something that has evidence. Creationism has…a book. You know what the H1N1 Virus was? It was evolution right before our eyes. People are still evolving as well. You know those little pieces of cartilage in the front of our ears? Those weren't nearly as profound as they are today. You know why? Pre-Industrial Revolution did not have such loud environments. That cartilage is growing to help block out man-made noise to protect our eardrums. The fact that belief in evolution is dropping at the same time our students math, science, and reading test scores are tells me that our education system is fucked beyond belief. It does not tell me that evolution is false. Only a close-minded fool would read it that way.

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