Time Travel Is Not Possible As We Know It Today

The government has no functioning time machine admits Rep. Adam Smith from Washington state who is a member of a Congressional armed forces committee and is prohibited from disclosing classified military secrets. In keeping with his oath, though, he would not confirm or deny the existence of military shrink rays.

Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report” interviewed Smith for 90 minutes as part of his “Better Know a District” series in which he hopes to interview all 435 House members. The interview was on anything he thought he could make Smith look like a fool on… and he succeeded.

Cobert asked Smith how many committees he was a member of. Smith seemed surprised when Cobert quoted a number in the high 20’s.

Smith was also surprised when Cobert asked about the scope and purpose of the Congressional soccer committee, a committee he did not realize he was a member of.

Watch the show to learn more.

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