This Is Country Country

Driving south through Illinois on my way from Chicago to Springfield for a family wedding, I finally outrun the Chicago stations and press the scan button on my radio. My iPod has for some reason forgotten all the music I loaded so carefully on it last night and so I am at the mercy of the great American leveler, radio.

The scan button brings up Country. I like Country music, it’s the music of the heart of America. Music that is not afraid to cry or laugh, not afraid to be proud of America or to be American. Country music is for the most part stories of truth or stories of humanity. There are sordid stories of unfulfilling love and touching stories of true love. Stories of pain and sorrow and stories of joy and achievement. Stories with purpose and stories with laughter. Country music is beautiful music and it’s a shame it is so often reviled.

 Today I drove through Country Country, and I loved every song.

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