Get Your Freak On

Freak dancing, that’s what they call it, the grinding of pelvises and hips of guys and gals and guys and guys and gals and gals in wanton abandon to the rhythms of Rap and Hip-Hop. There’s a reason this dancing appears so very sexual to the older generation: it is very sexual. But our children have no concept of the framework in which sex is a beautiful and powerful thing, instead it is just one more thing to do that gives pleasure or satisfaction.

(T)o Deborah Roffman, a Baltimore-area sex educator, freak dancing illustrates how adults fall woefully short in teaching young people about sexuality. In most homes and classrooms, she said, teenagers learn that sex equals intercourse, which enables them to view other sexual acts as unimportant.

“If you think of sex as recreational, like bowling, then it is meaningless,” Ms. Roffman said. “Freak dancing is an outgrowth of that attitude. What they are doing is engaging in sexual behavior without taking responsibility for it.”

I don’t argue with the fact that each generation has accepted forms of dancing which have seemed risque and overtly sexual to the previous generation, but until the devaluing of traditional human relations in the last few decades and the divorce of sex from it’s traditional mating with marriage, there has not been such a devaluing of sex, sexual fulfillment, and the relationships usually involved in sex.

I find it ironic that it is a sex-educator who offers the most telling and true quote in the Washington Post article. I also find it sparks a ray of hope, that a sex educator apparently recognizes that there are responsibilities to be considered, that sex is not to be recreational, maybe, just maybe she is teaching her students this as well.

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