Do You Love Your Job?

It’s a choice, really. Happy people live longer, more productive, happier (duh) lives.

Do you enjoy the weather? It’s really a choice. Some people say they like winter as the scorching summer sun burns down on them and just as fervently pray for that very sun when they are shivering their way to their cars through the snow drifts.

It’s really all about choice.

Are you going to choose to enjoy where you are and what is going on? If you’re someplace really bad why are you still there? You’re either afraid or lazy, both of which are your fault, not your employers’. Especially in todays’ work environment, with unemployment at historic lows employers are paying more and giving better benefits to keep the good workers. If you’re doing all you can and you keep trying to do better and you’re still not being appreciated, get a new job. Sure it’s a risk. And don’t tell me I don’t know risk.

Have you picked up all your roots and moved more than halfway across the country to a big new city with no prospect of an immediate job and with bills piling up? I did, and I’m still alive. It was an adventure, and there were times I thought I should just pack up and head home. But I didn’t, and now I’m being paid more than I really expected to get for several more years, and I’m surviving and thriving, and the job offers are still coming in.

You have just as much ability to choose your emotions as you do to choose your lunch. Choose, choose wisely, choose well.

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