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Behind the scenes, every day, a plugin on this blog protects against comment spam. As of this writing there have been over 550 spam comments caught and deleted by Akismet. My blog, being as it is a little ways off the high-traffic areas of the information super highway, gets relatively little spam, but still 142 legitimate comments compared with 553 spam… Let’s just say I really appreciate Akismet, and you should too.

But there are times when apparently legitimate sites use comment spam to attempt to drive traffic to themselves illegitimately and under false pretense. Consider this comment posted under my review of the movie Flushed Away:

Faction 3 | faction3.us
You cant imagine how much money they spend trying to silence good people who will put their lives on the line to fight for change.

I think you can agree this has nothing to do with the movie I was reviewing here. This comment was not flagged as spam and the only thing that caught my attention was the fact that it really had nothing to do with the article. I checked out faction3.us and found they had a prominent article on Net Neutrality, on which I had written. So I proceeded to look through my site for the article I’d written on Net Neutrality, assuming the poster had just mistakenly posted on the wrong article. So then I checked my spam list in the admin section and found two other posts were caught as spam, one from Faction3.us and one from congresscheck.com. Both these posts are in the form of raps filled with both lingual and mental ignorance, vulgarity, and evil. I’ve included them here, edited only for lingual vulgarity. Please proceed at your own discretion.

NOTE: I decided to post these to illustrate that it is not just mental slavery we battle politically but spiritual slavery at the heart of that mental slavery. The heart is full of sin and deception and the lips speak out of the fullness of that lost heart.

Congress Check | congresscheck.com

I see a message from the government, like every day
I watch it, and listen, and call em all suckas
They warnin me about Osama or whatever
Picture me buyin this scam I said never
You in tune to a Hard Truth soldier spittin
I stay committed gives a f*** to die or lose commission
Its all a part of fightin devil state mind control
And all about the battle for your body, mind and soul
And now Im hopin you dont close ya mind – so they shape ya
Dont forget they made us slaves, gave us AIDS and raped us
Another Bush season mean another war for profit
All in secret so the public never think to stop it
The Illuminati triple six all connected
Stolen votes they control the race and take elections
Its the Skull and Bones Freemason kill committee
See the Dragon gettin s*****er in every city


And the other from Faction3.us:

 Faction 3 | faction3.us

Now ask yourself whos the people with the most to gain (Bush)
fore 911 motherf****s couldnt stand his name (Bush)
Now even n****s wavin flags like they lost they mind
Everybody got opinions but dont know the time
Cause Amerikkkas been took – its plain to see
The oldest trick in the book is make an enemy
A phony evil so the government can do its dirt
And take away ya freedom lock and load, beat and search
Aint nothin changed but more colored people locked in prison
These pigs still beat us, but it seem we forgettin
But I remember fore September how these devils do it
F*** Giuliani ask Diallo how he doin
We in the streets holla jail to the thief follow
F*** wavin flags bring these dragons to they knees
Oil blood money makes these killers ride cold
Suspicious suicides people dyin never told
Its all a part of playin God so ya think we need em
While Bin Ashcroft take away ya rights to freedom
Bear witness to the sickness of these dictators
Hope you understand the time brother cause its major


I was sobered when I first read these in their repugnant glory. Not only is it sad that there are those who believe such terrible falsehoods and are deceived in such astounding ways, but it is sad that they are able to make those beliefs so public on their own blogs. The internet is free and the truth is more than capable of standing up on its own in the face of even the most devious lies and assaults, so I have no fear there. But it gives an importance to my own small efforts here to spread the truth, shining the light to dispel the demons of ignorance.

You better believe I think I’m a crusader!

Media Fawning Over Moore, Makes Me “Sicko”

Kudos to Amy Menefee of the Business & Media Institute for her scathing article of Michael Moores latest “documentary” commenting on the state of the American health care system.

Michael Moore is a documented liar who uses “omission, exaggeration and cinematic sleight of hand” to make his political points. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the media who cover his movies.

Now journalists are using “Sicko,” which opens June 29, to make a giddy, unabashed case for socialized health care in America – and even urging Moore to run for office.

He shows “compassion” and “generosity,” he’s a great “campaigner” and an “adroit politician,” reporters have declared.

He’s “taking on America’s deeply flawed health care system,” said Terry Moran on ABC’s “Nightline” June 13. And “… the point his movie ultimately makes: fixing health care is a moral, even a religious obligation.”

“Father Michael Moore – hard to imagine, maybe, or maybe not,” Moran said, after learning Moore once ventured to seminary. “Well, try this one: Senator Michael Moore.”

The media have been in awe of Moore’s film and Moore’s charisma, and enthusiastic about the idea of socialized medicine. Overall, coverage has glossed over Moore’s distortions in favor of keeping the snowballing policy discussion going.

Those who promote so called “single-payer” or government run health care systems cannot be willfully ignorant. There is too much information readily and publicly available regarding the obvious and horrendous failures of those systems.

The American system costs lots of money, that is true. And health care is very expensive. But how much of that is already a result of government regulation preventing the market from deciding the cost naturally. There are many problems with the system, and the solution is always the same. Mandatory insurance guarantees payments for procedures and medication. If we were budget constrained in our medical choices, additional thought would go into what procedures were really necessary, fewer frivolous procedures.

But then consider the converse side of this. America develops nearly every effective medication in the world today combating diseases our grandparents only dreamed of. The incredible costs of R&D for these miracle meds are covered by the incredible largesse controlled by the medical industry. If there weren’t money involved in making the drugs, there wouldn’t be a sufficient reason for businesses to get involved in creating them. If the government were to get involved in health care, you can rest assured that it would be only a very short time until, in what would be called an attempt to control spiraling costs (and yes, they would continue to spiral, the government cannot control itself) they would begin blaming the drug companies and would begin hostile takeovers of those companies. Government has never been good or even adequate at creativity and creation. Government controls and destroys, the more it is given the more that is lost.

Read the article

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The Numbers Tell The Tale

Today in the Investors Business Daily, the editorial Scoring the War delves into the real numbers and the truth that’s being deliberately and maliciously hidden to affect the perception and the outcome of the War on Terror.

(T)he numbers tell the tale. In his 24 years as Iraq’s Stalinist supreme leader, Saddam Hussein killed at least 2 million people. That averages out to about 6,944 a month for the better part of three decades.

Most responsible estimates show that, at most, 60,000 or so civilians have been killed since the war started, about 1,200 a month.

Moreover, no one doubts that Saddam was responsible for all 2 million of his deaths. In the case of the U.S., most of the civilian deaths come from al-Qaida and other terrorists, not U.S. troops.

There is no balance in reporting on the war. I have a hard time understanding the state of the soul which allows many millions of innocent dead to be further trodden by the bloodied heels of their tormentors, and condemns those who would seek to not avenge but set aright the state of being which allows such heinous crimes.

Trusting God

There are times I do not feel God’s presence. The popular poem Footsteps in the Sand describes a stylized and reassuring portrayal of God’s care for us, but it is only empty words and platitudes for the most part. God has instead given us a concrete method of reassurance which we may use at any time. Whether we feel as though our prayers are hitting a ceiling, or as though the lamp guiding our feet is dim or has gone out, God’s plan works. This plan is outlined in Psalm 13:

1 How long, O LORD? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
2 How long must I take counsel in my soul
and have sorrow in my heart all the day?
How long shall my enemy be exalted over me?
3 Consider and answer me, O LORD my God;
light up my eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of death,
4 lest my enemy say, “I have prevailed over him,”
lest my foes rejoice because I am shaken.

5 But I have trusted in your steadfast love;
my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.
6 I will sing to the LORD,
because he has dealt bountifully with me.

The first four verses display an emotional and spiritual state many of us can relate to: Where is God when I need Him most? When God seems to have forgotten, when David is seeking counsel, when his enemies are succeeding in their aims against him, when he feels all hope is lost, David cries out and does not hear a response.

The turning point in this psalm does not say that God heard him even that there was any change in his circumstances. Instead he merely trusted and remembered. God had dealt bountifully with him in the past. God is the same yesterday, today and forever, therefore God will continue to deal bountifully with him. There are times each of us can look back to where God worked obviously and with great result in our lives. When we don’t feel His presence we can remember those times we did, and then we can trust Him to continue to work in us.