Beggars Of God

God deserves so much more than our begging, but He loves to hear it anyways. He makes a point of saying several times throughout the Bible how much He desires to give us what we ask for.

  • Ask and you will receive…
  • Let him ask God, not doubting…
  • What ever you ask in My name…

And others, but He does predicate what could seem to be a carte-blanche invitation with the admonition and expectation that we seek a relationship with Him first. Once we have a relationship, we will ask for things that glorify Him. We should be finding our joy and satisfaction in His will.

A favorite comic of mine, Pearls Before Swine, published a strip recently which encapsulates an attitude towards requests of God which is all too common both inside and outside the Church.

Pearls Before Swine: May 14, 2007

We begin without a relationship, we ask for things with the motive of bringing glory to ourselves, we expect the answer to all requests to be yes, and when it doesn’t go through we get mad at God. Not to imply anything but… duh! Just Duh!

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