Bedbugs Best Politicians Who Bed With Environmentalists

Is it your imagination, or are bedbugs really giving you fits?

According to the Heartland Institute, there is less and less chance your imagination is playing games with you. State bans on DDT and other effective pesticides have lead to reported outbreaks in all 50 states. Bedbugs are “infesting not only hotel rooms of all price ranges, but also moving vans, airplanes, bus cushions, and apartment buildings.”

Many of the pesticide bans were initiated to appease environmental lobbyists who do not understand the secondary consequences of the policies they advocate for.

Take, for example, the deaths of thousands of birds at the blades of electricity-generating windmills on the Altamont windfields. The windmill generators cost very little to operate and produce enough electricity in eight hours to power a house for a year. Yet the 5,000 windmills kill an approximated 1,000 birds a year, or one bird for every five windmills each year. Birds include migratory waterfowl and, worst of all, raptors, some of whom are on the endangered species list. In sum, the dirty side of clean power.

Another example of the side-effects of environmental policies is the drastic increase in wetlands and the corresponding increase of the mosquito population. As a result, we have seen the spread of the West Nile Virus and increases in the risks of malaria.
Environmental responsibility is necessary, but strict adherence to an unbalanced ideological extreme leads to impractical policies. These policies will in turn mandate a regression in technological advances that were intended to increase a society’s standard of living. This regression will initially not be felt by those behind the changes, but only by the neediest of the society.

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