Falwell Was No “Little” Man

Michael Medved, in an article posted today on Townhall.com, counters the rabid anti-Christian ideologues and their munchkin-esque (“Ding-Dong, Falwell’s Dead!”)  attacks on the fallen/risen figurehead of so much of the Christian conservative political social movements of today, Jerry Falwell.

Despite the effort to disregard him as “little,” Falwell qualified in every sense as a large figure– big hearted and cheerful, secure and sincere in his own faith, with enormous dreams and major impact. He never would have stooped to a cruel, small-minded, petty and pathetic publicity stunt like smearing one of his ideological adversaries on the very day that opponent died.

I do not know Falwell well. I have not heard of him besides the periodic news articles, same as many other perhaps. But recall that Medved is no Christian, but a practicing Jew. Jerry Falwell was known as a cheerful warrior even to his critics and ideological adversaries. Always affable but never wavering in his pronouncement of the truth. May he be an example to each and every one of us in this, that he loved his enemies and hated their sin. Wanting them to be freed from the bondage so many of us accept with servility. And that dichotomy was so obvious even many of his detractors cannot admit otherwise.

There lies a body, a shell of a man gone on not just to a better place, but to a greater reward. Listening even now to his Lord and God tell him: Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter in to your eternal reward. You have served me in the little, now serve me greatly.

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