This Blog Is Edited On Ubuntu

I say to Microsoft: “Your mother was a goose and your father smelled of my hen yard, fie on your dominating schemes.”

But how easy is it to install and run Ubuntu?

For me it was an exercise in ease and speed: I inserted the disk, booted my laptop, clicked the icon, followed the ease and brief wizard, rebooted again, and voila… Ubuntu! The best bit, it takes about 15 minutes and I’m never without a usable operating system except for the two reboots. Read this article by the Clueless Newbie on her experiences with the latest version of Ubuntu.

For those who do not know what Ubuntu is, it is a version (flavor or distro in common terms) of Linux that is particularly well configured and easy to install and use. I’m almost ready to build my dad a new computer and put Ubuntu on it for Christmas. No more viruses, and it just works.

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