Sites You May Find Interesting Or Useful

In other words, I’m tired and can’t decide what I want to blog about today. So I used my trusty StumbleUpon button and found whatever tickled my tired bone.

  1. – Site devoted to stopping Mrs. Hillary Clinton in her bid for supreme world dictator.
  2. Notes To Self – I’ve got a load of them, but here’s someone else’s. (“Note to self: Don’t mourn the death of relational second-guessing. Certainty can be a beautiful thing.”)
  3. Daniel Kirkley – My new favorite musician. Especially “My New Dawn”. And yes, that is a myspace profile. I abhor myspace mostly, but I must admit they work for musicians.

And a little note about myself:

I feel relationally inept, but today I feel a little less relationally inept than I did yesterday. I realized that there are more important things than my feelings, and that for a relationship to progress I must serve the other persons needs. Cowardice in a relationship only results in the robbing of the other person of their half of that relationship. I ‘knew’ this, but I’d not applied it, yesterday I applied it and I feel like a new man.

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