Public Servant Strikes Immoral?

Who would believe that the father of alphabet soup, the champion of Big Labor who used big government price and spending controls to rescue the U.S. economy from the Great Depression (Actually, WWII rescued the U.S. economy from the Great Depression.) believed that public sector strikes were immoral.

Unlike today, in the 40’s and 50’s, the notion that teachers should engage in collective bargaining – much less go on strike to get districts to meet their demands – was controversial.

Resistance came even from the ranks of traditional organized labor. In 1959, AFL-CIO President George Meany declared: “It is impossible to bargain collectively with government.”

Public servants are just that: public servants. When public servants strike, they disparage their role as public servants and betray the public they serve. Sadly, the public, who often believe the rhetoric of striking public servants, pay both the injuries incurred during strikes and the increased, and sometimes unsustainable, benefits, salaries and working conditions “won” by the strike.

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