Early Named Storm Not Evidence Of Warming, Not Unusual

The main stream media, in their breathless haste to make us all permanent victims of fear and vulnerable to psychological depredations, have bolloxed their game plan yet again. In their willful ignorance of the facts we find evidence of their their willingness to sacrifice truth to power and fact to ideology.

The latest storm (no pun intended) brewing in Global-Warming-ville (other common names have been Check-Your-Brain-At-The-Door-burg and I’m-With-Stupid-(Gore)-ton) involves a named storm, Andrea. Apparently Andrea is early. The scientists in their holy wisdom and awesome might have defined a season during storms ought to appear, and Andrea had the audacity to appear early. The mainstream media scream in abject terror: “this is only the 17th named storm in history to appear before the season”. Relax, it’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds.

First a question: Who are human scientists that the earth has any responsibility to ask their permission regarding anything at all? If you meet a scientist walking down the street, do them and us a favor and poke their head with a pin, it’s probably a bit over-inflated, and reducing the pressure may enable them to think straight again.

So then, on to the facts. In a recent Rush Limbaugh show, the great Maja Rushie dredged up the facts regarding this statement and revealed the posers for who they are. Storms have been tracked and named since the 1951 (and even then it wasn’t until the 1960s that there were satellites capable of tracking storms not observed by boats and landlubbers), and in that period since then there have been 17 named storms which happened in May, before the season officially began. Now a little math, I realize this may be difficult if you’re a liberal and because of the unrealistic importance of relativism to you, you may not believe that there are actual hard facts and real solutions to such demonstrably concrete and definite concepts as mathematics, but please, accept for this moment the premise that 2 and 2 equal 4, and follow me into the rabbit hole. The math is really simple: this year is 2007 and we first began track in the year 1951. Pulling out the calculator I find that 56 years have elapsed in the intervening time. Out of these 56 years there have been 17 storms of naming strength. Now 56 years is a long time to some of us (myself included), but it’s hardly “history” in the context of the statement. But 17 storms out of 56 years is still an average of more than 1 every 3 years. 34% of the time, on average, there is a named storm before the normal season.

We Americans like to think in terms of seasons, and we like to keep our lives compartmentalized by those seasons. Football games don’t happen outside the season. Unfortunately for our fragile egos, nature does not abide by seasons with as much rigidity as we wish. A season for nature is only an arbitrary limit within which most of those events the season defines happen. Named storms don’t have to come during the season, they’re just more likely to.

And then this, an article published on LiveScience.com titled “Premature Tropical Storm Not Due to Global Warming, Scientists Say“seems to say it all. There’s no global warming here folks, move along. Nothing to see.

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