Seven Blunders

Mahatma Ghandi’s Seven Blunders of the World:

  1. Wealth without work
  2. Pleasure without conscience
  3. Knowledge without character
  4. Commerce without morality
  5. Science without humanity
  6. Worship without sacrifice
  7. Politics without principle

These are, for the most part, wise assertions and cautions regarding our cultural state. If we receive wealth without working for it, we are unlikely to be responsible with that wealth. Take a study of lottery winners and the accompanying troubles which seem to inevitably follow such massive amounts of money.

Pleasure without conscience seems to define our culture today. In the age or moral relativism, when the highest ideal is an individual pursuit of gain with no arbitrary moral strictures to hamper us, pleasure sans conscience is the rule of the road.

Knowledge puffs up a man, said Solomon so many years ago. Unless we have character to guide our knowledge and give it purpose and direction it becomes boastful, arrogant without reason.

Commerce without morality. Look to the current state of affairs in business schools, where you’re as likely to find a cheater as you are an honest worker. The corporate world has a whole generation to ignore, despite the mandatory ethics classes now a part of every business degree program and many companies.

Science is to serve humanity and better it. Embryonic stem cell research achieves all its gains at the expense of humans. How can this then benefit humanity? Why is all the private money going to adult stem cells? Because private funds must be accounted for and are thus invested primarily in processes which show some hope of successful outcome. There have been no successful treatments using embryonic stem cells which have not eventually experienced cancerous and life-threatening growths when the cells continue to grow as though they were embryos. Contrast this fact with the fact that there have been thousands of successful treatments using adult stem cells harvested from the patients themselves. The debate is whether the government should finance embryonic stem cell research: only the government could be cajoled into supporting and financing such a travesty because the government has no accountability.

When was the last time any Christians here in America experienced true sacrifice forced upon them by an antagonistic government or other powerful entity? I believe the biggest problem with American Christianity is the fact that it has grown into such complacency by the very freedom it fosters and protects through its ideology. Worship is difficult absent of sacrifice.

When truth is subservient power and honesty plays a distant third fiddle to politics, corruption and scandal and the pursuit of personal aggrandizement rule the day. This is especially common in government, where, as I mentioned earlier, there is little or no accountability.

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